Miley main squeeze Justin Gaston on his career makeover, all in the Details

Justin Gaston is Miley Cyrus’ beau.  He also is a feature interview in the latest Details magazine.

On who might portray him in a movie:

“If Ashton Kutcher played me. Like, he would be a funnier me. He’s a pretty funny guy. But I’m going to say Johnny Depp, just cause I like Johnny Depp and we’re just going to get crazy, like. Like Johnny Depp’s going to play an older me. Like when I’m older. Cause he’s a really cool actor and then I’ll seem really cool.”

Gaston is a devout Christian trying to make his way in Hollywood, and shared with Details, “I’d like to be one of those lap dogs that just get petted all day. Cause they just have the best life. They wake up, they get fed and they get attention all the time. I like attention. I don’t like to be by myself, so I want to be one of those little dogs. Is that weird?”

Once an underwear model, now Justin is allegedly heading to L.A. to transform himself into the next John Mayer, according to his interview.

The Cyrus connection began when Justin landed on “Nashville Star,” where he and fellow “devout Christian” Billy Ray Cyrus bonded.

According to Details, Cyrus’ gushed over Gaston when he was given the John Rich boot in the keister: “This guy’s gonna be a big, big movie star,” he said. “I’m calling it right now! Tom Cruise, look out!”

“I kinda saw it coming just with the way Billy Ray was with him,” says Ruby Cantu, a Nashville Star producer who lived with the contestants. Details claims that Billy Ray “ushered Gaston onto the Hannah Montana set.”

“It’s like if you had a 16-year-old daughter who said, ‘Oh, Daddy, he’s so cute—I want to meet him,'” Cantu says in the Details interview. “That’s exactly what happened.” 

The status of Gaston’s music career is less clear. All he’ll say to Details is that he’s involved with people who are tinkering with his image.

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