Miley loves Travolta, Mayer and Chace Crawford too

Miley Cyrus had nothing but praise for working alongside John Travolta in Bolt, saying, “An actor I had wanted to work with for a long time was John Travolta, so I got to do that so I’m really happy.”

She adds, “But I would actually like to co-write with John Mayer.”

Working with Travolta also fulfilled her mother’s dream. Cyrus commented, “My mom was so happy I got to work with him…So happy. [She said,] ‘You won’t believe I had posters of him on my wall,’ and I was like, ‘Okay, you keep that to yourself when you meet him. Zip that tight!’”

Last month, Cyrus shared with “Extra” that she wanted a car for her 16th birthday but she now reveals, “I think I’m going to wait till Christmas. My mom told me that we should wait till Christmas because there will be newer cars.”

Cyrus deflected a “do you have a crush on a fellow star” question from Extra, and cryptically noted, “Chace Crawford is pretty cute. Not really a crush. I just think he’s good looking.”

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