Mike Barwis On ‘Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta’ – Jan 2nd VIDEO

TV Picks: Start the New Year off right with the season eight premiere of Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta beginning Friday, January 2nd at 9pm.


In the first of two back-to-back episodes, Mike Barwis, athletic trainer and owner/CEO of Barwis Methods, surprises one of his clients Katie Breland for an emotional, tear-filled appointment. After a tragic accident left her paralyzed, Mike rehabbed Katie so she could walk down the aisle alongside him and her father. The episode captures the journey Katie faced to make her dream come true. If you’re interested in an interview with Katie and/or Mike, please let me know! Thanks!

Friday, January 2nd at 9pm


After a horrific accident, Katie was told she’d never walk again. Unwilling to accept her fate, Katie is determined to walk down the aisle in her dream dress with the help of trainer, Mike Barwis. Later, bride Ebony shocks her entourage with a gown twist

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