Mid-Term Jolt: Horrors Of State Legislatures Exposed On John Oliver’s HBO Show VIDEOS


HBO’s “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver,” is a weekly tutorial in all the suck that is This American Life. In fact, it should have hijacked the name from the NPR series. The show, which aired Sunday, November 2 at 11:00p.m., ET/PT on HBO, deftly outlines the idiots, criminals, jaded and jagoffs that ,make up American political life. It’s depressing and at the same time a much needed exercise in free speech, as real news reporters seem to be more interested in non stories these days than ripping the cultural debris away to find the scuttling cockroaches that make up state legislatures and congress who are on the take from corporations, or even worse, blithering morons.

John Oliver is a comedian, but like Bill Maher and Jon Stewart, his laser focus and sharp eye are adept at seeing the story and not burying a lead by a breaking story on Selena Gomez forgetting to lock her Calabasas mansion again. Oliver’s show continued with a new edition Sunday, Nov. 2 (11:00-11:30 p.m. ET/PT), and will be followed by the season finale Sunday, Nov. 9 on HBO.

This week’s topics included New Zealand Prime Minister John Key’s desire to change the country’s flag, Lowe’s introduction of robot sales assistants and how that could impact Home Depot and the always looming spousal arguments triggered by copper sinks (with a brilliant little comedy skit featuring Nick Offerman, H. Jon Benjamin, and Sarah Baker), and the importance of the midterm elections, with a focus on state legislatures.

While most of the focus of Tuesday’s midterm election is on control of the U.S. Senate, John Oliver is looking at the places where most laws are really made these days. And it’s not in gridlocked Washington — it’s in the state legislature.

As Oliver learned on “Last Week Tonight” on Sunday, there’s a rogues gallery of imbeciles and the outright corrupt regularly passing laws on abortion, the environment, guns and more.

“All those conspiracy theories about a shadow government are actually true,” Oliver said. “Only, it’s not a group of billionaires meeting in a mountain lair in Zurich. It’s a bunch of pasty bureaucrats meeting in a windowless committee room in Lansing, Michigan.”

Pay attention to your own local lawmakers.

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