Mid-life career crisis: Tabloid talking head Donald Trump

The Donald is now moving in on Billy Bush’s territory.

The mouth of Manhattan has lots of opinions, and he is all too happy to share them with you, courtesy of “Extra” television.

Donald Trump comments on the latest celebrity headlines in The World According to Trump.

Trump takes a swing at the A-Rod/Madonna rumors saying, “I don’t think Madonna had anything to do with it [A-Rod’s break-up].  It’s just one of those things, but I really don’t see Madonna and A-Rod as a couple.”

As for Anne Hathaway’s ex being busted for bad checks, Trump says, “Well, they lived in Trump Tower…I guess probably when she found out he couldn’t afford to live in Trump Tower, she decided to check out.”  He continues. “I don’t blame her, it’s a great building.”

Trump reacts to the rumors that Rosie O’Donnell and wife, Kelli, are splitting.  He states, “I think if Rosie and Kelli are splitting, I think Kelli is a lucky person.  Rosie is a total disaster.  To be married to Rosie or with Rosie, whether you are a man or a woman must be a difficult situation.”

Who knew the Donald loved MMA?  Tomorrow night in Los Angeles, Trump’s Affliction Banned pay-per-view mixed martial arts fight debuts, he declares, ‘It’s the hottest thing in sports right now!”

More with Donald Trump tonight, Friday, July 18 on “Extra.”log onto here.

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