Microsoft will be Bringing GDC Home from Feb 20

Gaming enthusiasts (and penny-pinching journalists) not able to attend the upcoming Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco can take a degree of solace in the knowledge that your friendly neighbourhood American software behemoth is bringing it all home.

For those not following, Microsoft is once again rolling out its free Bringing it Home service, which enables Xbox Live subscribers to ‘virtually’ attend high-profile gaming industry events from the comfort of their Fatboy beanbags.

Starting on February 20, the GDC will be available to Xbox Live’s 10 million members around the world, allowing them to channel breaking Xbox 360 news (in HD) from the event floor directly through to their TV screens.

Some of the footage highlights members can look forward to viewing include the keynote speech given by Xbox Live’s John Schappert, which will provide insight into Microsoft’s plans for its interactive entertainment business in 2008.

Xbox Live viewers will also be able to catch exclusive never-before-seen gameplay clips, videogame demos, screenshots, trailers and interviews from right there on the GDC show floor.

Granted, it’s not like experiencing the real thing — and nothing matches the aching feet, incessant noise, near riotous elbowing, and the pungent odour of teeming geek sweat — but sitting at home with access to a footstool, the fridge, the toilet, and deodorant certainly comes in a close second.

This year’s Game Developers Conference opens its doors at the Moscone Center on Feb 18 and runs through to Feb 22. Xbox Live will be Bringing it Home from Feb 20.

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