Michael Lohan back in custody, violates court order, jumps in tree during escape

The Lohan clan has added to their mugshot collection over the mantle.  Especially after father Michael Lohan is back in a Florida jail today, only 12 hours after release that came with a stern warning.

Lohan defied the warning and court order and went and called Kate Major, his exgirlfriend who he had battered and was arrested for on Tuesday.

The police were alerted by Major and waited for Lohan, who evaded the police by leaping form his third-floor balcony into a tree.

Lohan was ordered not to have any contact with Major (“If you even dream about it and you violate my order, you will go to jail,” said Judge Walter Heinrich, reported by TMZ and E!).

Regardless, Lohan began phoning up Major. Major alerted cops and waited for Lohan to appear.

Lohan allegedly jumped from his balcony into a tree, then complained he may have broken his foot in the process.

E! reports that Lohan blamed tabloid reporter Major, “She keeps doing this…She needs help, she calls me and I’m the sucker. I called back, and I’m an idiot.”

Police checked records to see if this were true, telling E! News that they “did not see any incoming calls from the number he gave that would be hers.

Lohan also told reporters that Major “makes her living in part by getting him in trouble.”


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