Michael Jackson Had Oral Sex With Boy, Claims Guard

One of Michael Jackson’s former employees has testified that he saw the star perform oral sex on a boy over a decade ago.

Ralph Chacon, a former security guard at Jackson’s Neverland ranch, was called to the stand by prosecutors in the BAD singer’s child molestation trial in a continuing effort to prove  the pop star has repeatedly molested young boys.

On Thursday morning (07APR05), Chacon told the court that he was making his rounds at Jackson’s estate on an overnight shift in late 1992 or early 1993 when he saw Jackson and the boy in a whirlpool bath.

He said he later saw them take a shower together, then leave the shower and stand naked across from each other. Chacon said Jackson caressed the boy’s hair, kissed him on the mouth and elsewhere and engaged in oral sex.

The former guard testified that at that point he left. Chacon said that several weeks or a month later he saw Jackson kiss the boy.

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