Michael Douglas to Catherine Zeta Jones: “No more babies!”

Actor Michael Douglas has put his foot down and ruled out having any more children with the pride of Swansea, Welsh born wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The nearly 62-year-old, New Jersey born thespian is happy enough looking after the couple’s two young children.

“We are enjoying our two children right now, and we want to keep it that way. I’m happy…Cath comes from a family of three, but if she can try to see her 28-year-old stepson as a third child that will be fine with me.”

Douglas has a third child, Cameron from his first marriage to Deandra Douglas.

Catherine Zeta Jones regularly visits her native Wales, supporting a children’s hospital.

Together with husband Michael Douglas, Jones brought bits of Hollywood glamour to the earlier opening of phase one of the Cardiff-based Children’s Hospital for Wales.

Zeta Jones has been a patron of the Noah’s Ark Appeal, which raises funds to help the hospital, since 2002.

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