Mia Farrow loses her brother, suicide in Vermont

Actress and human rights activist Mia Farrow has suffered a terrible year personally.

She has lost her older brother, an artist, who was found dead on Monday. Patrick Farrow had committed suicide.

Mr. Farrow’s body was discovered in his Castleton, Vermont art gallery.

Today the Associated Press reported that the coroner announced that he died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

“These findings are consistent with evidence found during the investigation,” Chief Medical Examiner Steven Shapiro said. “Mr. Farrow’s wife contacted 911 upon discovering her husband unresponsive in their home.”

Through all her personal tragedy, Farrow continues her work in Africa for children’s rights and the continued fund raising for areas of the continent under siege by war and poverty. Her work with UNICEF is tireless, and Farrow was also an outspoken critic of the Chinese Olympics, based on their involvement with Sudan and the repercussions in Darfur.

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