Men’s Fashion 101: What every man needs to own

Every man needs to develop his sense of style, and seek inspiration from others in the know with allowances for seasonal changes in wardrobe.

Classicists and traditional types do well to borrow looks from icons of men’s style, adding pieces and garments which bolster and define their personal style.

There are staples of menswear one must invest in that complete a look and feel cool to wear.  For over 62 years, Beverly Hills-based Carroll & Co. ( has been furnishing elegant menswear to a who’s who from the worlds of entertainment, politics and glamour.


Names such as Clark Gable, Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, Gregory Peck, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jimmy Stewart, contemporary film and television stars, as well as a U.S. Senator and President have all been and continue to be regular customers of Carroll & Co.

The fine menswear retailer offered us their top ten picks for must-haves for any man who wishes to be envied and admired at the office or during any event.

Top 10 Clothing Items for Men, divided by dress and casual category:


1.     The Solid Navy Suit

The genesis from which to build your wardrobe.  Can be dressed up or down –   Interview suit, wedding suit, funeral suit – date suit without a tie.

2.     The Classic Navy Blazer

3.     Solid Grey Slacks

When the suit is just a bit much, a navy blazer and grey slacks can take you almost anywhere.

4.     2 white shirts, 2 blue shirts

One spread, one point, mix it up a little.  They will both work with either look above,-with our without a tie.

5.     Maroon, Navy and Yellow patterned ties

Here you can have fun.  Be individual and unique.  Colorful or drab, doesn’t matter.


1.     Fashionable pair of denim jeans

A must have for all casual wear.  If not denim blue, black as a second choice.

2.     Knit polo shirt in cotton or lightweight wool or cashmere

So versatile and so easy to accessorize.

3.     Corduroy trouser

For those times you just don’t want to wear a jean.

4.     3 woven sport shirts to match jeans and corduroys

You will need a top for your outfit.  Woven shirts finish off any sportswear outfit.


5.     Black leather jacket

Every well-dressed man should have one.


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