Meltdown Tonight On TLC’s Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor VIDEO

TV Picks: Meltdown Tonight On TLC’s Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor VIDEO

Welcome to Myrtle Manor – “Manor Meltdown”

manorSeason three welcomes back Myrtle Manor veteran residents—Jared and Chelsey, Miss Becky and Miss Peggy, Anne and Marvin, Gina and Roy, Bandit, Amanda, Brittany, Kimberly and Brock—along with some fresh new faces.

Jared and Chelsey bring home their beautiful baby Bellamy, Amanda ruffles feathers with a new boyfriend, and a blast from the past returns to the park to stir things up. And while some faces may change at Myrtle Manor, the drama remains—from parenting struggles and relationship issues, to backyard brawls and park rivalry, there’s never a dull moment inside the Manor.

In all-new episodes of Trailer Park: Welcome to Myrtle Manor, Jared and Chelsey need to lean on their trailer park family as they navigate the choppy waters of rearing a child. Across the way, Amanda gives love another chance with a new man, but her neighbors are skeptical of his intentions.

Myrtle Manor’s arch nemesis Roxy has found an unlikely ally in Bandit, and wastes no time in making a power play. Hunky handyman Brock is still playing the field, and creates a tumultuous love triangle that includes a special visitor from season’s past. Anne and Marvin appear to still be madly in love, but the future of their complicated relationship is completely unknown. And over at Tangulls, Roy and Gina don’t see eye to eye when a feud threatens the future of Myrtle Manor’s favorite salon.

Premieres Thursday April 2 at 10/9 on TLC:

Roxy schemes up a plan to gain the residents respect. Marvin and Anne start to question their future together. And the love triangle between Brock, Jessica and Britney gets more complicated when he moves into the trailer in their front yard.