Mel Gibson pleads no contest, three years on probation

The outcome of the most notable people news of the summer is in.  Police had stopped Gibson in July on the PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) near Malibu, with a blood-alcohol level of .12, well above the legal limit of .08, Gibson then fueled a brush fire with admitted anti-Semitic remarks during his arrest. 

He subsequently apologized, saying the comments were “blurted out in a moment of insanity.”

Gibson could have been thrown in jail for as long as six months.

Freshly out of rehab, he has asked to meet with Jewish leaders to help him “discern the appropriate path for healing.”

Gibson entered Thursday’s plea through his attorney and did not appear in court, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office said.

CNN reports that the Superior Court Judge Lawrence Mira ordered Gibson to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings five times a week for four and a half months and three times a week for the remainder of the first year of his probation. He was fined $1,300 and his license was restricted for 90 days.

Gibson also volunteered to record a PSA (public service announcement) on the dangers of driving drunk.

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