Mel Gibson and family flee from ‘The Clampetts’ of Malibu: Spears and Federline

Savvy business man and Malibu resident, whose home is situated in one of Southern California’s most exclusive neighborhoods that had every safety and privacy guard installed, cannot abide his neighbors, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, any more.

“The Passion of the Christ”producer is throwing in the towel, and packing his entire brood up for an undisclosed new location.  His mansion will be listed for around $24 million on the real estate market according to various local news sources.

Britney Spears, who recently sat down with Matt Lauer on NBC, proclaiming “all is well” if “you just leave us alone” to her fans – has been visited numerous times by police and child and family services this year because of documented incidents involving negligence and law breaking that involve her parental decisions and behavior.   The ex-pop teen queen still has a steady stream of fans gathering outside the gates of her home.

According to some nearby neighbors – Gibson had great concern for his own children exposed to the onslaught of traffic, Kevin Federline’s continuing visiting “entourage” – and just wants “out” of the neighborhood.

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