‘Medium’s’ family affair: A Chat with Rosanna and Patricia Arquette

The hit NBC drama “Medium,” which airs Mondays from 10-11 p.m. EST, has a massive fan base devoted to the show’s fourth season and the star, Patricia Arquette who plays Allison Dubois, the crime fighting mom with extrasensory mind ability.

NBC’s hit series “Medium” will feature the upcoming episode “Lady Killer” where Patricia’s sister Rosanna will portray a beautiful, single cougar.

The Arquette family sticks together, especially in creative matters of ensemble acting and professional collaboration. 

This episode, scheduled to air on April 7th, features the 48-year-old Rosanna Arquette as “a beautiful, calculating “cougar” who enjoys the challenges of bedding younger men and who pops up in the dreams of crime-fighting psychic Allison Dubois “when her sexual escapades turn deadly,” NBC released in a prior statement.

“I have to say I have been calling in a lot of favors and I’m really excited about this particular part they wrote for her because Rosanna is a very strong comedic and dramatic actress and this role requires both elements,” said Patricia Arquette, 39, who portrays Dubois.

“Of course, every time one of my siblings comes on set, the crew realizes that I have yet another sibling nicer than me,” she said, before praising her sister’s “great legs.”

The Arquette acting family also includes David Arquette, Richmond Arquette and Alexis Arquette. David recently directed two episodes of “Medium,” and Richmond guest starred on the show two years ago.

According to NBC, Allison is going to have to team up with Scanlon, played by David Cubitt, to track down and crack some horrible murders of young men during this episode.

Monsters and Critics was fortunate to join a few onliners and speak to the beautiful Arquette sisters Rosanna and Patricia about their acting, lives and passions.

What do you remember of your relationship with your siblings, Rosanna – growing up, Patricia the same question for you.

Rosanna Arquette: I kind of babysat a lot and I left home early so I missed a lot of some of their years and would come back on holidays and stuff. But it seems like as we got older we became closer than when we were younger,

Patricia Arquette: Well I think Rosanna did fall into that sort of trap of having to help with so many siblings because there were four of us.
And so she definitely had to help my mom out; my dad was on the road when were little a lot and trying to make a living; he was in a band at the time. And I do remember Rosanna cleaning my ears and saying ‘oh there’s some sweet potatoes in there’. And I remember her teaching me dances; really cute little dances to Mr. Big Stuff and…

Rosanna Arquette: Bumping – The Bump. Did I teach you The Bump?

Patricia Arquette: Uh huh, The Bump and we would listen to her records, like, Jackson Five. And she was my big sister; and she  taught me a lot of stuff about the world.

Rosanna Arquette: Oh, I remember Patricia came to the set of, was it – when did you come and you stayed with me in New York? I guess I was doing…

Patricia Arquette: You were – Desperately Seeking Susan.

Rosanna Arquette: I was doing Desperately Seeking Susan and you had a punk haircut like shaved head on one side and black…

Patricia Arquette: Yeah.

Rosanna Arquette: …Patricia said she wanted to be an actress and I thought that was so exciting, she was going to be an actress.

Patricia; can you kind of recall when you thought, “Hey, I’ve got a really cool older sister?”

Patricia Arquette: I kind of always thought my sister was really cool, as a matter of fact. I’d get her old makeup and I got the best hand me downs, you wouldn’t believe it; unbelievable hand me downs. It was really cool.

Rosanna Arquette: Now I get hand me downs.

How does it feel to finally be working together? And why did it take so long?

Rosanna Arquette: You can answer that, Patricia.

Patricia Arquette: we did work together before one time; it was on a documentary, “Searching for Debra Winger.” But that was not – that was a documentary, it wasn’t fiction. So this has been our first fictitious experience so to speak. I don’t know why it’s taken so long because we’ve always wanted to.

Rosanna Arquette: I know her – Glenn, the creator, said he was just waiting for the right one – the right show; there was just never one that he thought was the right one. And then this one was written for a man and they decided to turn it into a woman. And so here it happened.

But, I have to say Patricia’s the hardest working girl in show business. No one knows how hard that show really is because they don’t have a full on script every day so it’s pages and pages of dialogue that the actors have to memorize which was really challenging for me since my show got canceled a year ago so I did not have that muscle memory and I was just like, “Oh my god.” It was intense. And she works very hard – those guys and David and – her co-star, all of them.

Patricia Arquette: It was hard for me in that I was smiling so much at what Rosanna was doing and she’s cracking me up. So it was really enjoyable. It was really…

Rosanna Arquette: I don’t know if it was supposed to be comedic but…

Patricia Arquette: It was. It was really good.

Rosanna Arquette: I kept finding all this stuff and it made laugh – but, maybe. He has a sense of humor, Glenn…

Patricia Arquette: Yeah.  Think about Moonlighting.

Rosanna Arquette: Yeah, that’s what it had, yeah, so it had that little element. But it’s definitely, she works – you do a great job, Patricia, I don’t know. It’s – the people don’t know – the people that are watching that it seems very simple but it’s hard.