Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon of ‘The Odd Couple’ On ‘The Talk’ VIDEOS

TV Rewind: The Hosts visit with Matthew Perry, Thomas Lennon of ‘The Odd Couple’ On ‘The Talk’ and dish on Beyoncé’s Unretouched Photos,  Allison Williams’ dad defense on THE TALK (2/19)


Thomas Lennon & Matthew Perry Recreate ‘Odd Couple’ Yoga Stunt

Actors Thomas Lennon and Matthew Perry reenact a yoga stunt scene from tonight’s season premiere of “The Odd Couple” on CBS. See how it goes down live on “The Talk.”

Matthew Perry & Thomas Lennon on ‘The Odd Couple’

Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon dish on the return of “The Odd Couple” debuting tonight on CBS. Matthew Perry says, “The original show went of the air 40 years ago. It’s just the perfect storyline for a comedy…just two guys who sort of need each other but want to kill each other all the time.”

Beyoncé’s Unretouched Photos Leaked Online

Beyoncé was caught looking less than “flawless” in leaked pictures online. Also, Iggy Azalea is upset about haters hating on her cellulite and she’s threatening to quit social media. Sharon Osbourne says, “It’s ridiculous. Beyoncé looks unbelievable…Unless you are an 18-year-old girl, forget it because after that the body goes down.”

Allison Williams Defends Dad Brian Williams

Allison Williams breaks her silence to defend her father Brian Williams. The hosts and Terrence Jenkins of E! News discuss if they would defend a family member no matter what. Sharon Osbourne says, “I had a very bad relationship with my father. We were involved in business together…I didn’t defend my father…he was a liar, a cheat and a thief…but I admire this young girl. You can see she loves her father so much.”