Matilda Rose and Michelle ‘looked after’ says Heath’s family

The late Heath Ledger’s 2003 will was written before he dated Michelle Williams and the birth of their child, Matilda.  It was his only will left behind, leaving his estate to his family in Australia.

Now Heath Ledger’s relatives said they will make sure his daughter Matlda Rose and the girl’s mother Michelle Williams are “taken care of,” even though the actor’s will doesn’t mention them, reported.

Ledger’s father, Kim, said the family would stand by Heath’s former girlfriend and daughter.

“Matilda is our absolute priority and Michelle is an integral part of our family,” Kim Ledger said. “They will be taken care of and that’s how Heath would want it to be.”

Heath Ledger’s will was filed in Australia in April 2003.  The New York Daily News broke the story that the document bequeathed everything to his father, mother and sister.

Papers filed in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court revealed that the actor had less than $145,000 in New York assets at the time, including a $25,000 Toyota Prius and $20,000 in furniture and fixtures.

Ledger, 28, died Jan. 22 from an accidental lethal drug combination / overdose in his apartment.

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