Mary Matalin, Cornel West, James Risen Topline ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ Oct. 24

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HBO’s political and entertainment salon “Real Time with Bill Maher” is Friday night’s must see, hear and do, as it continues its 12th season Friday, October 24 (10:00-11:00 p.m. live ET/tape-delayed PT), with a replay at 11:00 p.m., exclusively on HBO.

The series includes an opening monologue, roundtable discussions with panelists, and interviews with guests. Mary Matalin, Cornel West, James Risen are included as guests this week.

The entertaining salon of political and social debate continues its 12th season Friday, Oct. 24 (10:00-11:00 p.m. live ET/tape-delayed PT), with Journalist James Risen is the top-of-show interview guest. Climate activist Chloe Maxmin is the mid-show interview guest. The roundtable guests are journalist John Avlon, political consultant Mary Matalin and academic Cornel West.

Chloe Maxmin, 22,  is a Maine native who has been a climate activist since she was 12 years old.

Her passion for the environment and career as an activist formed 10 years ago when she learned about a corporate development project that was being planned for Maine’s North Woods. She tells Maine Woman: Maine is “the largest tract of undeveloped woodland east of the Mississippi…Plum Creek, which is one of the largest real estate developers in the U.S., wanted to develop the area around Moosehead Lake. I spend a lot of time up there and didn’t want to see that area be destroyed,” said Maxmin.

A Harvard student, Maxmin is majoring in social studies with a secondary in environmental science and public policy. Maxmin has co-founded Divest Harvard, one of more than 400 campus divestment campaigns in the United States. The goal is to get Harvard, where she is a senior, to divest its $36.4 billion endowment in fossil fuel companies, she tells Maine Woman.

Meanwhile Cornel West, 61, a regular guest on Maher’s salon, has been active in the social landscape.  Last Monday, Cornel West was arrested in Ferguson, Mo., after a scuffle with police while protesting the killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed 18-year-old black man, by a white police officer.  West is one of the nation’s leading voices on race relations and nonviolent protest, and he joined hundreds of protesters who have been arrested in Ferguson since Brown’s death on Aug. 9.

Bill Maher headlined his first special on the network in 1989 and has starred in ten solo specials to date, including the hour-long presentations “Bill Maher: Live from D.C.” (which debuted Sept. 12), “Bill Maher…But I’m Not Wrong,” “The Decider” and “I’m Swiss” (both nominated for an Emmy® in the Outstanding Variety, Music or Comedy Special category), “Victory Begins at Home,” “Be More Cynical,” “The Golden Goose Special” and “Stuff That Struck Me Funny,” and two half-hour stand-up specials, plus the specials “30 Seconds Over Washington” and “Comic Relief VI™.” Maher is also an executive producer of the innovative news magazine show “VICE,” which concluded its second season on HBO earlier this year and returns in 2015.

Monsters and Critics has hailed Maher as “a singular voice of pragmatic reason in a landscape of polarized pussies.”

HBO has renewed the series for a 13th season of 35 editions, to begin in Jan. 2015.

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