Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars ‘Let Them Eat Cake; Previews! VIDEO

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‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ – All-new episode this Friday (WE TV, 9pm) the boot-campers turn against Aviva after a wild food fight spirals out of control!

And these two are smack dab in the middle of the drama:


On Friday’s all-new episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ (WE TV, 9pm) the boot-campers turn against Aviva after a wild food fight spirals out of control!

On tomorrow’s episode of “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” “Let Them Eat Cake” airing Friday, February 27 at 9 PM ET/PT, frustrations are at an all-time high as the Boot Campers feel Aviva and Reid haven’t been giving the program their all. Things come to a head during a “eat my feelings” drill causing Aviva and Natalie to get into a food fight that quickly spirals out of control. Aviva wrongly accuses Natalie of hitting her causing everyone to turn against her. Plus, an ultimatum puts Tyson and Rachel’s relationship on the path of destruction. Will Tyson bite the bullet and commit to Rachel by saying “I do”….

Watch the drama unfold here:

The Marriage Boot Camp is run by husband and wife, Jim and Elizabeth Caroll. Joined by their co-directors, Ilsa and David, they will push these reality celebrities to their limits, physically and mentally. There will be NO special treatment for them. They will be forced to face demons from their past that are still affecting them now and in turn ruining their relationships. Tough love tactics will peel back the layers of what makes these celebrities tick, as well as what is driving their marriage to the brink. Each episode delves deeper into the minefields of what is destroying their marriages using exercises like: forcing couples to say good-bye to their “dying” spouse in a terrible car wreck, to show them what life would really be like without them. In the end, the couples will answer the ultimate question: Is their marriage worth saving or are they better off apart?

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars airs Fridays at 9pm on WE tv.