Mark your calendars: Toronto Film Fest is six months away

The 31st Toronto International Film Festival will open on September 7, 2006 with the world premiere of Zacharias Kunuk and Norman Cohn’s “The Journals of Knud Rasmussen,” festival organizers announced Wednesday, March 8th.

Planners are getting a jump on scheduling this year, locking in the anticipated Canadian title in the fest’s high-profile opening slot, always used as a showcase for a new film from the country.

The movie, which explores the history of the Inuit people through the eyes of a father and daughter, marks Kunuk’s follow-up to his 2001 film, “Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner),” which won the Palme d’Or in Cannes and then the prize for best Canadian film at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The 31st Toronto International Film Festival, the largest movie fest in North America, will run September 7th – September 16th, 2006.


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