Mark Wahlberg is a drug lord for Paramount

Mark Wahlberg has signed to star in Paramount and director Peter Berg’s untitled film about the life of the international drug dealer Jon Roberts – whose life was detailed in the documentary Cocaine Cowboys.

Variety reports Film 44’s Berg and Sarah Aubrey are lined up to produce the film with Wahlberg and Stephen Levinson (who are both executive producers of HBO’s “Entourage.”). Roberts’ rights are part of the film deal. A screenwriter will be chosen once the writers strike ends.

The film will chronicle Roberts’s life following his return from Vietnam as a decorated soldier and his arrival in Miami in the late ’70s. Once there, Roberts formed a relationship with the Medellin drug cartel, and began a career as a cocaine distributor worth billions of dollars. He was eventually turned in by a business associate and served time in prison for his crimes.

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