Maori Designs – Book Review

With tales of the Hobbit and its NZ setting ringing in our ears, it is not surprising that attention is being focused on native NZ art.  The swirling patterns and intricate designs have a definite ethereal, other worldly feel. 

Penny Brown has created 100 stunning patterns and motifs based on tattoo designs, pottery, carvings and woven work. 

The level of detail is amazing. There are pattern edges, animals, birds as well as maori figures and masks.  All of the designs can be copied and used time and time again.  There is also a useful free CD rom included which enables both Tiff and Jpeg images to be printed out.  These are designs which will be useful for many different types of artists and craftspeople.

From children wanting something unusual to color, to carvers looking for an intricate design which can be incorporated on any material.  Drawing such designs freehand needs a lot of skill. Making these designs available for printing or copying enables them to be used by a much wider audience.

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