Madonna and Angelina tiff, more than meets the eye

Madonna and Angelina are in a rumored catfight, that the British press, especially the vigilant Daily Mail, has seized upon, exploring the origins in excruciating detail.

In a fashionable move to stay at the forefront of the never ending plight of the third world and play upon her title of UN Goodwill ambassador, Jolie has been outspoken about adoption issues, showing up at critically timed orchestrated refugee photo ops conveniently near posh resorts for her to hole up with her family.

The Mail muses it is part of a power struggle move in “Tinseltown’s self-appointed angel of mercy.”  Increasingly the inside observers wonder if Brad Pitt knew what he was getting into when falling head over heels for the once knife obsessed, Billy Bob Thornton blood vial wearing, fraternal french kissing pal and art muse of Marilyn Manson.

Enter America’s biggest anglophile, Madonna. The Detroit native has been put under the microscope yet again by Jolie regarding the propriety of adopting from a country with legal issues.  Human rights groups are still picking apart the whole Madge/David adoption.

Madonna allegedly refered to Brangelina as “idiots” per the Daily Mail, after they stated numerous times they wished to adopt many more multi-racial kids from all points possible.  Many wonder how that news went over with Brad’s tight midwestern American family, teetotalers Bill and Jane Pitt and his super close siblings.

Then there is the Lesbian wild card lurking in the shadows, Jenny Shimizu, the self confessed lover of both Madonna and Jolie, who is penning a kiss and tell all book destined to fly off the book shelves.

The Mail reports that Shimizu “is writing a no-holds-barred book in which she will describe in graphic detail how she was a lover of the stunning actress and the singer at the same time.” Whoa.

Shimizu, according to the Mail, will allege that pre-Guy Ritchie, Madonna flew her around for secret liaisons which also coincided with an affair with Jolie.

Salacious stuff aside, the now tamed mums are locked in a publicists’ pas de deux as Madonna and Jolie’s flacks lay statements and rubbish any talk of a mondo cat fight brewing between the two American uber stars.

What exactly was at the root of the riff has been speculated on by The Daily Mail as Madonna snubbing the proffered advice Jolie dispensed on what country in Africe to visit for the potential adoption, when word leaked that it was a possibilty for Madge. 

The Mail reveals allegations of a  bit of underhanded wheel greasing by Madge as “revelations this week that she is paying the tuition fees for a Malawian government official whose colleagues helped the singer with the adoption.”  Madge, according the Mail, “agreed to fund civil servant Willard Manjolo’s degree at Swansea University in June last year, four months before she was given the allclear to bring the boy home to Britain.”

The volley of do-gooder actorvist repartee between the two titans of entertainment is being played in various women’s magazines and carefully planted wire stories.  It doesn’t show any sign of abating.

The Mail published Madonna publicist Liz Rosenberg’s comments that played down the tiff, but with an edge: “True, it might have been easier had Madonna adopted a child from another country, but Madonna doesn’t shy away from things because they are difficult.”

There is unsavory news in the background of Jolie’s initial adoption of son Maddox, with news breaking that the U.S.-based agency Jolie employed to organize her adoption of was later found to be a front for a baby-trafficking, money-laundering outfit.  Jolie knew nothing of this illegal trade and activity.

The Mail pointed out the absurdist irony of the gypsy couple of Brad and Angelina spending loads of dosh (cash) on works by British artist Banksy at a show in Los Angeles.

One painting in particular, “Picnic,” which depicts a white family of four lunching under an umbrella while 15 starving Africans look on, was said to be part of their art purchase according to the Mail.

The Daily Mail muses an “adoptee-off” of Mia Farrow like proportions may erupt between the two veiny and underweight actresses.  It remains to be seen.

Source: Paul Scott’s Daily Mail article: here


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