Macca macabre: Heather Mills to ‘tell all’ on the telly?

More strange news erupts from England in the messiest divorce case of recent years.  Heather Mills is allegedly in negotiations for an hour-long TV interview discussing her side of the split from Paul McCartney.

Macca split in May after less than four years of marriage, and have a daughter together.

Mills has been slammed in the press over the couple’s split and recently announced plans to sue several newspapers over “false, damaging and immensely upsetting” stories over her impending divorce.

In divorce papers recently obtained by the press, Mills accuses the former Beatle of physical and verbal abuse during their marriage.

The UK Daily Express reports Mills thinks that a TV interview will illuminate her story painting her in a more positive light.

Public Relations wiz Max Clifford says, “At this stage she has nothing to lose. She’s losing the PR war and is right at the bottom with him at the top.

“It seems that no one really believes her and if she can give a good performance – and I accentuate the word performance – then she has nothing to lose. So far it has not gone in her favor.”

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