Lucky covergirl Hayden Panettiere’s tips for short girls

Randy Newman sang that short people had no reason to live.  With amusing lyrics of “tiny little hands,” and itty bitty shoes on their “nasty little feet,” Newman’s song “Short People” lampooned all prejudice.

“Heroes” star Hayden Panettiere is really short, barely cracking 5 feet, and has given Lucky magazine some tips for fellow vertically challenged girls to make the most of their small package.

On the cover of Lucky magazine for this August, the 19-year-old actress is mastering the art of dressing for her height while still pulling off a pulled together look.

She tells Lucky: “There are all these little tricks that make such a difference,” she says. “Like being conscious of when a shoe cuts me off at the ankle so it doesn’t shorten my legs.”

Standing next to Jada Pinkett Smith and Tom Cruise in photo calls helps too.

According to Lucky, The star also selected some items that readers could invest in to make them appear taller. LINK

The magazine is also sponsoring a contest for readers to win loads of stuff: ENTER to win win Hayden’s cover outfit and makeup.

The August issue of Lucky hits newsstands on July 7th.

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