LoveHateHero: iTunes, New LP and Warped Tour coming down the pipe

LoveHateHero have just released two new songs on iTunes.

“America Underwater” and “Echoes” will appear on America Underwater, the band’s third album, due September 29th on Ferret Records.

Purchase the new tracks here.

The LA four-piece joined the Vans Warped Tour last weekend and has been playing to enthusiastic crowds each day.

Watch for them on the SmartPunk Stage throughout the remainder of the tour.

Ferret will launch the full album pre-order for America Underwater next week. Details forthcoming.

According to the band’s manager, the end of 2008, LoveHateHero felt like it was time to step outside the boundaries they had created for themselves with their previous efforts.

After building a solid fan base and touring nationally with such acts as Chiodos, Funeral for a Friend, and Scary Kids Scaring Kids, the band was still not satisfied.  While writing songs for their newest release America Underwater, the band retooled their sound, netting well-developed vocal melodies and more polished hooks. Less edgy, more polished is how they describe it.

“Everyone’s better at what they’re doing so we were able to get more creative,” singer Pierrick Berube explains. “The album still holds true to the band’s sound but adds so much more depth, while at the same time being a more care free album.

“I think we concentrated more on songwriting and the material, what the songs are about,” Pierrick continues. “We wanted everything to be a complete song instead of just parts that shredded or were heavy. We didn’t want each song to be random riffs, we wrote complete songs that are just good songs. We simplified it but opened it up with vocal harmonies and music melodies in a way that we could have more fun.”

Backed by a phenomenal team including producers Daniel James and Leah Haywood at Dreamlab Productions, Grammy nominated mixer Brian Paturalski (Aerosmith, Silverchair), and mastering guru Ted Jensen (Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Tokio Hotel, etc.), this four piece from the City of Angels is maturing in a good way. 

“Our producers work with a lot of pop acts, but they’ve always had a love for rock & roll,” Pierrick states.  “It was a great learning experience to record with them.  They are excellent songwriters and are really knowledgeable about song structure and it helped us a lot.”

When LoveHateHero was finished recording, the band exited Dreamlab Productions with ten anthemic, pop-laced rock songs, powered by Pierrick’s signature vocals and Thrasher’s relentless guitar attack.  With Scot Gee (drums) and Paris Bosserman (bass) solidifying the rhythm section, the band steamrolls forward with more passion and fervor than ever before.


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