Lost: The Complete Collection – Blu-ray Review

Thanks to more than three hours of new special features, collector’s items and cool packaging, Lost: The Complete Collection is an excellent release for any of the series’ fans or anyone who didn’t catch onto the show when it originally aired.

The series also happens to look great on the Blu-ray format – which is the best way to capture the green color of that mysterious island.

The Complete Collection takes the mystery idea that made Lost so addictive and runs with it with hidden details in the packaging, a secret message from Jacob, and more. The collection may be six seasons worth of viewing, but the packaging (which includes a booklet about the series) will add even more time to your Lost adventure.

At its core, Lost is a series filled with mystery and to go into it in any detail really takes the fun out of watching the show.  With that in mind, I will try and keep the review as spoiler free as possible.

If you haven’t seen the series, this really is the best way to get it, and I recommend you try to read as little as possible about what to expect. The series’ creators did an excellent job of making each season a little more addictive than the last. 

Even if a season wasn’t quite as good as the first, there was always a great cliffhanger that made you have to catch what was going to happen next season. The sixth season saw the show slowly answering many of the questions it had dangled in front of its audience since the pilot episode, but also kept some mysteries left for interpretation.

The last episode of the sixth season was a fitting way to end the series, but still left you wanting more – which thankfully we get a 12-minute extra with the short “The New Man In Charge” chapter.

The biggest strength of Lost was in the great ensemble acting from its cast. Cast members included Naveen Andrews, Matthew Fox, Jorge Garcia, Josh Holloway, Daniel Dae Kim, Yunjin Kim, Evangeline Lilly, Terry O’Quinn, Emilie de Ravin, Michael Emerson, Dominic Monaghan, Henry Ian Cusick, Elizabeth Mitchell, and more.

 Lost was truly an ensemble cast and the show’s creators used this huge talent to create stories that mattered to the audience and kept you wanting to find out what was going to happen next. The size of the cast also kept the show from becoming stale and tired. If you didn’t like a certain character, there were plenty of other storylines going on to keep you watching.

Plus, the writers weren’t afraid to kill off a character so there was never a sense of security when watching the show. It is an example of talented writers working with talented actors for an experience that seemed unique and fresh when it first aired on television and was just as addictive six seasons later when it wrapped.

Trying to keep this as spoiler free as possible, the show followed a group of 48 people who survived the Oceanic Flight 815 plane crash and found themselves stranded on an island that seems to be anything but normal. 

During the six seasons, the series expanded on the characters through flashbacks, flash-forwards, and even a sideways world. This gave the show a way to take the stories off of the island, but it was also a clever way to keep the audience interested in what was happening there.

Along with the main cast of characters, the audience was introduced to the Dharma Initiative, “the hatch,” the island’s other inhabitants, the island’s other “Other” inhabitants, a mysterious man named Jacob and his brother – who had no name but was called everything from The Man in Black, Old Smokey and evil Locke.

The audience also got to debate what the hell the island was for six seasons with theories including everything from limbo to hell. By the end of the series, I am still not 100% sure what the island was, but I am sure I never want to live there.

The six seasons also gave the characters lots of time to develop with Garcia’s Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes becoming the heart of the show and the married couple Jin and Sun Kwon becoming one of the most romantic storylines on television.

The audience was also treated to the classic adventure character types with Fox’s heroic Jack Shephard going from doubter to believer, charming rogues thanks to Andrews’ Sayid Jarrah, Holloway’s James ‘Sawyer’ Ford, and Lilly’s Kate Austen, and some of the best villains on television thanks to O’Quinn’s turn as evil Locke and Emerson’s Ben Linus (one of the best reasons to watch the series). 
The series looks and sounds great on Blu-ray with little details brought to the front. The jungle is massively green and at times the cast seem massively dirty. You can see every little drop of sweat when Hugo does pretty much anything, and my wife says Sawyer is even dreamier in high-def.

Along with six seasons of some of the best acting and writing on television, the Complete Collection comes loaded with features that take you into the show, give some light on some of its many secrets, and just really rewards the fans. I enjoyed the episode guide – which expands even more on the show.

“The New Man In Charge” is a fun little last taste of Lost for fans and answers a couple more questions – such as how the hell polar bears got on the island. There is also an Ankh with a message from Jacob, a Lost Senet Game, and some other goodies, but I can’t give everything away in the review. 

The collection itself is housed in a mock temple filled with symbols with the disc being broken up by the seasons. The set is clearly designed for the Lost fanatics, but it is a great collection for anyone who might just want to get all the seasons to give the show a try. 

If you don’t already own any of the seasons of Lost, are a diehard fan of the show or never gave it a chance on television, Lost: The Complete Collection on Blu-ray is well worth its sticker price. The show easily hooks new fans with season one, and the final season makes the journey well worth the time spent. The show started strong and ended strong. 

I would have liked more questions answered, but also enjoyed that they kept some mysteries for fans to debate. The set itself features an original look, and lots extra treats for fans – which may or may not start even more debates about what that island really was.

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