Lopez smacks down ex husband, wins in court

The former husband of Jennifer Lopez has been ordered to pay her $545,000 for trying to publish a tell-all book about their relationship.

The ruling held up an earlier arbitrator’s decision in the case, which included awarding Lopez a permanent injunction barring her ex-spouse, Ojani Noa, from disclosing information about their relationship for personal gain.

Denied any postponement in the trial, Noa also was ordered to turn over all materials related to the book.

According to media accounts, the unpublished book alleges that Lopez had several affairs during her 11-month marriage to Noa, including one with salsa-singer Marc Anthony, her current husband she wed in 2004.

Noa’s plans for a book popped up in a January 2006 article in the New York Post describing the proposed book as a 12-chapter “tell-all manuscript” under the title: “The Unknown Truth: A Passionate Portrait of a Serial Thriller.”

Noa, 31, a restaurant and nightclub manager, had offered not to publish the book if Lopez paid him $5 million.  Lopez sued Noa in June of that year to block publication of the book, as it violated the terms of a nondisclosure, “non-disparagement” agreement the couple had reached in the settlement of an unrelated earlier dispute.

Reuters reports that an “arbitrator assigned to the lawsuit over the book sided with Lopez, awarding her $200,000 in damages, $300,000 in attorneys’ fees and nearly $48,000 in arbitration costs.”

According to Reuters, Noa, who represented himself at the proceedings, turned to Lopez’s lawyer after the ruling and said, “I guess you need the money, huh?”

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