Lohan watch: 30 days in the Hole for Lindsay

A little Humble Pie (embedded below) for our Lindsay Lohan – who has been sentenced to 30 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation, which stemmed from DUI and theft cases.

Lohan gets a heaping helping of “structure”  after she admitted that she violated the terms of her sentence to Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner, who revoked Lohan’s probation at a hearing nearly two weeks ago.

Lohan will have to serve 30 days in jail in addition to completing 53 days of community service at the county morgue and 18 45-minute psychotherapy sessions by March 29, 2012. Officials say Lohan will likely be released from her 30-day sentence almost immediately due to overcrowding at the jail.

“You need a structure, and this is a structure,” Sautner told Lohan before the actress accepted the terms of her new probation.

Sautner had sentenced Lohan to 120 hours of community service back in April, but she was dropped from the downtown women’s shelter after she blew it off nine times.

After the spanking from the judge, Lohan has been a star volunteer at the LA county morgue, despite being turned away when she arrived late on her first day.

Sautner also advised Lohan to stop Tweeting about her community service at the morgue and asked officials there to no longer hold news conferences about her.

Lohan is not allowed to leave the country and can only leave the state for work or family-related purposes.

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