Lohan family war: 9/11 fraud and Lindsay assets tug of war

The war between Lindsay Lohan’s parents is escalating. 

Dina Lohan went head to head with Michael Lohan in Nassau county court. 

Supreme Court Justice Robert Ross “listened patiently” per the New York Daily News, as Dina and Michael Lohan and their lawyers sniped at each other.

Money is the crux of the issue. Father Michael accused Mother Dina of “failing to make payments – the amounts weren’t disclosed – under the terms of the agreement,” reports the Daily News.

The Daily News quips that along with all the rancor, “the Lohans argued over who would get the pink and who would get the yellow copy of a document they signed.”

“I can’t imagine, given what I’ve just heard, that the two of you agree on anything,” snapped the judge, according to the Daily News.

The judge ordered the two fighting parents to “get together, sit down with the attorneys, reach some agreements” and then come back to court.

If Michael can prove Dina didn’t live up to her end of the purported arrangement, he can stop the separation agreement from turning into a divorce.  Michael Lohan’s lawyer, John DiMascio, said he hopes to file a lawsuit seeking to set aside the agreement by the couple’s next conference, scheduled for July 27.

Michael was recently released from prison in March after serving nearly two years for attempted assault and aggravated unlicensed driving, and the courts have granted him the right to visit the couple’s younger children.

TMZ.com has video of Ty Dux, a security guard for Dina and Lindsay rambling about Michael wanting money, while Dina is heard in the background inside the SUV urging him to get in the car.  Dux claimed the family were all afraid of Michael.

Then Michael emerges from court, and responds to the Dina camp allegations.  Lohan fired back, saying Dux illegally conspired with Dina’s brother.

“Ty Dux is a man that lied and had me falsely arrested,” Lohan said. “This is a man that over billed my daughter $210,000 and was in cahoots with my brother-in-law, Paul Sullivan, who’s going to jail for 9/11 fraud.”

The Lohans are fighting over the custody of their two youngest children.

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