Unprepared to Fail: We’re Raising Kids Who Feel Entitled To Success

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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.Unless of course, you’re being raised in America in 2015, in which case, just sit down and grab a glass because lemonade is on tap, in spite of a whole lot of un-squeezed lemons. But what happens when parents can’t design and control the playing field, and everyone can’t win a trophy? The un-rejected, who have not been afforded the opportunity to develop the coping skills that are required to process rejection in a healthy and appropriate way, are being built up so high that it’s a very long way down and an even […]

Why Pets Can Unlock A Child’s Unhappiness

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Pets  – and animals in general – can be very therapeutic for children. Studies have shown how pets can help lower blood pressure, speed up recovery time, and reduce stress and anxiety. We see this with troubled children, Autistic children or children with Asperger Syndrome and PTSD — when they are with animals they can immediately relate because they sense the animals are unconditional in their love and affection. – Dr. Gail GrossMost everyone knows that having a pet decreases stress. It also soothes and strengthens abused people, especially children, so that their trauma is lessened and made manageable. Pets […]

Why Luxe Hideaway Rehabs Won’t Cure Scott Disick


In Touch Weekly is reporting that Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ cast member Scott Disick, Kourtney Kardashian’s partner, voluntarily checked himself into a posh rehab clinic in Costa Rica for his addiction issues where he was treated with with a controversial drug called Ibogaine.They are also reporting he is being remunerated for his stay. Dr. Walter Thomas, the consulting medical expert for The Discovery House Treatment Center in Los Angeles, explained what Ibogaine is and the dangers of treating addition with another addictive drug.  Yesterday we interviewed Dr. Thomas about the dangers of “dabbing.”“Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance found in plants […]

How To Make Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Large Batch Green Juice


Have a HELL-thy Holiday! No green beer! Time to think about your waistline thanks to chef Gordon Ramsay, who goes green for St. Paddy’s with his St. Patrick’s Day Juice!  Ramsay is all about keeping healthy and fit. Courtesy of the Chef himself, here is what you need:Go Made in the USA with solid state, no plastic parts CHAMPION JUICER – the beefy yet quiet masticating juicer that does everything. This beast can handle the batching out of massive quantities of juice without overheating:BATCH RECIPE5 BUSHEL KALE2 HEADS CELERY12 GRANNY SMITH APPLES, DICED8 ASIAN PEARS, DICED1 BUSHEL PARSLEYLEMON JUICE TO TASTEMETHOD:Run […]

Dabbing, The New Meth?


Leave it to some overachievers to take a natural herb and make it nearly lethal.  There are many people under physician’s care who smoke (or ingest) dried marijuana plant to alleviate stress, pain and neurological disorders. Of course, there are those who feel all marijuana in any form is to be avoided. If you are unaware, Butane hash oil (BHO)—aka dab, dabs, dabbing, honey oil, wax, oil, shatter, or budder—is a potent marijuana/hash oil concentrate that can exceed 80% THC content. Most educators, parents and even some law enforcement are playing catch-up on this substance that anyone can easily tuck […]

One Shot, Two Shot, Three Shot Score! Wellness Delivered In Potent Doses

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One Shot, Two Shot, Three Shot Score! Wellness Delivered In Potent DosesThere’s a trend right now in the juicing and wellness world, where one or two ingredients are combined to specifically address certain ailments and ward off disease. Think preventative, preemptive strikes against everything from cancer to diabetes, inflammation to weight gain. There’s a juice for all of that and then some. You don’t lollygag with these powerful concoctions, you shoot ‘em down fast and get about your day! That’s why I adore wellness shots – freshly pressed short list ingredients for shot glass sized slammers. Shots are quick hits […]

Grain Drain: Why Whole Grains May Be The Worst Thing For You


“I’d go as far as saying that overly enthusiastic wheat consumption is the main cause of the obesity and diabetes crisis in the United States,” – Dr. William Davis,  Wheat Belly.Did you know that the modern version of wheat is far removed from the ancient plant. The newer, high-yield wheat we’ve been eating since the 1980s is full of genetic changes that inflame our bodies, cause our guts to leak and even trigger autoimmune diseases in some people. Grains cause deficiencies, but all is not lost, says a top cardiologist William Davis, MD. Dr. Davis is the author of several […]

Cancer Treatment Radically Changing According to Leading Researcher


Cancer will kill about 600,000 Americans by the end of this year. Cell growth is the secret of living, the source of our ability to build, adapt, repair ourselves; and cancer cells are rebels among our own cells that outrace the rest. Cancer is a disease that begins when a single cell, among all the trillions in a human body, begins to grow out of control. Lymphomas, leukemias, sarcomas all begin with that microscopic accident, a mutation in one cell. Curing cancer without harming the patient has long been a goal of medical researchers, but the curious mind and the […]

Security Expert’s Ten Insider Tips To Stay Safe In Unsafe World


The first time I met Louis Perry, he was overseeing a celebrity filled party and was all eyes on the VIP guests. Yet as official looking as he seemed, his presence also had this amazing chameleon quality; he was like any other guest. Perry was there to guard people and valuable art, and his team he was managing were also present yet unobtrusive as he was.That night, during a lull, I asked him some questions, as the whole “protection” side of celebrity is fascinating to me, and he did not disappoint. Perry fought his way out of the Brooklyn projects […]

When Rehab Goes Good


One family owned center in the San Fernando Valley is approaching drug and alcohol addiction with an unvarnished, affordable and familial approach that is resonating with experts in the field. Monsters and Critics toured the facility in January, 2015. The rehab racket is alive and well, with numerous facilities bilking the insurance companies and state funded medical programs out of millions, and glaringly so in Malibu, in the so called “Rehab Riviera” where the owners of these “centers” appear to want to be as famous as the celebrities they troll and who offer no real hard evidence to back up […]

End of the Traditional Family Unit Doesn’t Mean Bad News for Kids


The Oscar nominated film “Boyhood” reveals many things. One the surface, it’s a coming of age story with a young boy navigating childhood to adolescence and beyond. But more importantly, it underscores that a broken home does not equate to a poor environment for a child to grow and flourish. Patricia Arquette’s Oscar nominated role as a hard working and loving single mother who betters herself with higher education – and her two children’s future – shows that non-traditional two parent families can be as successful as the ideal two parent model.Her relationship with the childrens’ father is one of […]

Green Goddess: Home & Family Star Sophie Uliano’s Latest Health Makeover


“My viewpoint on this matter is why I’ve decided that it’s so important to reframe or rename the concept of “antiaging.” I’m fed up with that term. Since aging is a natural process that happens to every single one of us, to be against it is ridiculous. Getting older brings so many benefits; why not look at the cup as half full rather than half empty? The beauty industry’s marketing engine has banged the antiaging drum so hard that it’s beginning to wear a bit thin. I prefer to think of a treatment, product, or lifestyle change as being proactive […]

We Heart You: Two Top Doctors Give Heart Healthy Advice For February


February: Valentine’s Day is February 14th AND it’s Heart Health Month!Monsters and Critics reached out to two medical experts to glean insight and dispel misconceptions for developing healthy habits to implement in February, which is American Heart Month. According to health and wellness solution company SignatureMD, Heart disease generally affects more women than it does men.In the U.S., 1 in 4 women will die from heart disease. The most common form being coronary heart disease (CHD) – which is the leading killer of both men and women in the United States.People need to know if heart disease is hereditary and […]

The Big Butt Craze Continues To Rack Up Real Casualties, Expert Speaks Up


Butt shape and size is like that Clint Eastwood / Sergio Leone classic spaghetti Western film, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”Great butt enhancement is done safely with a patient’s own fat, and with a proportional esthetic. Bad butt work can lead to death. The ugly? Well, make sure you steel yourself and have a look. The recent news that a Missouri man was extradited by sheriff deputies in Prince George’s County for fatal butt injections reveals that the illegal “back-alley” butt enhancement business is not going away anytime soon.Police who issued the warrant for Vinnie Taylor’s arrest say […]

New Year’s Advice: Think, Feel And Act Younger Than Your Age

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“As people age, they can develop a ‘shell’ or become shy about participating in things…..and learning to socialize and be a part of a group so helps remove that issue” – Dr. John Verheul Have you ever approached a birthday and said, “I just don’t FEEL XX years old…” This is happy news for you!See a pile of leaves and remember how much fun it was to jump in the middle, and then do it? Lick the beaters clean from cake batter still? Openly hate Kale and secretly love indulging in an occasional bowl of Cocoa Puffs or picking the […]

Top 5 Health and Beauty Trends To Watch For In 2015


In 2015, trends in health and beauty will continue to see dramatic changes that are redefining standards of beauty to how to address common health issues such as sleeplessness, back pain, cardiac disease and much more. Your next doctor visit may be with a hybrid concierge medicine physician who may be running exciting trials with some companies who are on the forefront of regenerative medicine.The future doctor-patient interface will be vastly different than your doctor simply prescribing the patient some medicine and following up.  Your doctor of tomorrow will be versed in cutting edge gene and cell therapies, requiring new, […]

Managing Holiday “Spirits” Key To Safe Thanksgiving, Expert Advice


By all means, deck your halls with balls of holly… but keep holiday spirits in check when it comes to the punchbowl.Akikur Mohammad, M.D., a leading addition expert, board-certified psychiatrist, says that while moderate drinking is fine for most of us (note caveat below), it’s never a good idea to gorge on cocktails, beer and wine just because it’s the holidays. “Unfortunately, your brain and the rest of your body don’t give you a free pass just because silver bell are ringing and the weather outside is frightful,” says Dr. Mohammad, and founder of Inspire Malibu, a leading evidence-based addition […]

The DEA Plays Hardball With The NFL Over “Cocktailing” Players’ Meds


Today’s explosive news about the DEA’s investigative interest in the NFL was brought on by the agency’s contention that casual prescribing practices created painkiller addicts. Players named in the lawsuit claimed “hundreds, if not thousands” of injections and pills from NFL doctors and trainers, including Percocet, Toradol, Novocaine, amphetamines, sleeping pills and muscle relaxers. The DEA also may be looking at physicians prescribing medications beyond recommended dosage or for significantly longer periods than necessary. An attorney for the players named in the lawsuit, Mel Owens, who played in the NFL from 1981 to 1989, said his clients were not warned […]

Five Biggest Myths About Drug Addiction

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Medical Expert Reveals Fiction Vs. Fact About Heroin, Cocaine, Meth and Marijuana Heroin addiction is largely confined to minority populations in poor, urban areas, right? Not so fast. While that might have been the profile of a heroin user 20 years ago, today’s addict is white, young and living in the affluent ‘burbs.So says a comprehensive new study called, appropriately, “The Changing Face of Heroine Use In The United States,” published this week by the journal JAMA Psychiatry.The study also found that contrary to popular belief, most heroin addicts today did not start on their “silk road” to perdition with […]

Monster Energy Drinks Alleged To Be Satan’s Swill VIDEO


There’s a viral video of a woman explaining to a young man that Monster, an energy drink owned by the Coca Cola corporation, is the devil’s drink, literally. Her dissection is over the graphics and verbiage found on the can that looks to her like a Hebrew “6” and has words, non Christian words, like “milf” (mom I’d like to f***) on the labeling.Here she is exposing it as the work of the devil:She claims Monster energy drink blatantly promotes Satan and the occult and cites several examples from the Hebrew language to cryptic symbols on the can and she […]

Drink This Not That: Resveratrol, CoQ-10, Green Tea, Vitamin D in Youth Infusion


Drink This Not That: Head into cold and flu season well armed with an easy to prepare supplement that tastes pleasant and helps ward off cooties. Looking for natural energy supplements to help you get going all day long?  Individually wrapped for freshness and convenience, Youth Infusion features an invigorating blend of more than 35 of the world’s most powerful and extensively researched energizing anti-aging and immune-supporting compounds.Refreshing, light and delicious, it contains the highest quality natural ingredients. Youth Infusion delivers a uniquely dynamic dose of natural energy and a blast of vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and age-defying nutrients like resveratrol, […]

Men Have A Place For An About Face, Managing Age In A Competitive Job Market


They say you get the face you deserve when you turn 50. But lifestyle and genetic bad hands can be reversed or mitigated with the right plan of attack, and it isn’t always surgical or invasive.Men can be just as vain as women, and rightly so as the job market tightens; the populace is aging and robust 50+ year olds are competing for relevance and their high paying jobs with fresh faced up-and-comers. Anxiety and stress over losing a job because of the perception of obsolescence or appearing not vital enough to keep pace in the company is out there, […]

‘Over 50′ Eye Maintenance And Relief From Dry Eye, Blepharitis


As we age, lots of things go south, including the eyelids and inner waterline where the lashes grow from.The problem of blepharitis occurs more frequently as we get older, debilitating patients with a chronic and irritating array of symptoms of this treatable inflammatory lid disease and dry eye syndrome. This overgrowth of bacteria produces a gunky biofilm that traps scurf and debris along the eyelashes and harbors bacterial exotoxins along the lid margin. These exotoxins penetrate the eyelid tissue causing low-grade inflammation and itching which adversely affects the tear glands, turning down tear production. Fewer tears containing fewer antibodies allow […]

Fat Or Fit? Feast Or Famine? Diet Expert Shows How To Overcome The Holiday Food Dilemma

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You asked about savory, sane and satisfying ways to cook and eat this holiday season, and registered dietitian Misti Gueron MS, RD of the prestigious Khalili Center answered! A California native, Misti shares with us her insights about how to eat and drink well while still enjoying your favorite festive foods with simple swaps, strategies and sound advice. Check back throughout the month of December for healthier holiday recipes from the Khalili Center and eating tips from Misti. Please feel free to ask her more questions in the comments below. She’s here to help!A Santa Cruz and California State (Masters) graduate, […]

Perfectly Addicted? Michael Phelps’ Bad Behavior Maybe More Than A ‘Drinking Problem’


US Olympian Michael Phelps’ second DUI may be raising a lot of eyebrows, but it is also raising a number of questions: Does the Olympic champion have more than just a “drinking problem”? Are we driving our athletes to addiction with a combination of at-the-ready access to prescription drugs and an unceasing demand for perfection?From my perspective as an addiction medicine physician, Phelps has all the classic signs of an alcoholic in need of medical treatment. His internal perfectionist, coupled with an external pressure to meet those unreasonable standards, can be a lethal combination for anyone but especially for the […]