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Wine Of The Month: 2012 Klingon Bloodwine A Tasty Robust Red


January 2015 Wine Of The Month is….Klingon Bloodwine!Yes, fans of “Star Trek,” there is a fabulous affordable red wine ($19.99) for you to party down wearing your best prosthetic forehead and snappiest Fu Manchu mustache, as The Federation’s age-old arch nemesis quaffable drink is on Klingon Bloodwine (tlhIngan ‘Iw HIq), is now available for Star Trek fans and wine lovers alike.  A stark near black bottle adorned with the symbol comprised of the bat’leth or “sword of honor,” a traditional Klingon weapon, Klingon Bloodwine was meant to be enjoyed in celebration and victory. Whether sipped while reveling in triumph […]

Green Goddess: Home & Family Star Sophie Uliano’s Latest Health Makeover


“My viewpoint on this matter is why I’ve decided that it’s so important to reframe or rename the concept of “antiaging.” I’m fed up with that term. Since aging is a natural process that happens to every single one of us, to be against it is ridiculous. Getting older brings so many benefits; why not look at the cup as half full rather than half empty? The beauty industry’s marketing engine has banged the antiaging drum so hard that it’s beginning to wear a bit thin. I prefer to think of a treatment, product, or lifestyle change as being proactive […]

We Heart You: Two Top Doctors Give Heart Healthy Advice For February


February: Valentine’s Day is February 14th AND it’s Heart Health Month!Monsters and Critics reached out to two medical experts to glean insight and dispel misconceptions for developing healthy habits to implement in February, which is American Heart Month.According to health and wellness solution company SignatureMD, Heart disease generally affects more women than it does men. In the U.S., 1 in 4 women will die from heart disease. The most common form being coronary heart disease (CHD) – which is the leading killer of both men and women in the United States.People need to know if heart disease is hereditary and […]

The History Of Porn Infographic Shows Interest In Sex Is Timeless


The ancients had the Venus of Wilendorf to practice their onanistic ways, and today we have Kim Kardashian, who is the top selling video porn star in the history of videos porn sales.  Ironically, the two are physically built about the same.The geniuses at PornHub have created a History of Porn Infographic: From Cave Walls to Websites, revealing that pornography has existed since 25,000 B.C.E.Since mankind could draw in the earliest known civilizations to the Internet-addicted 21st century, porn has existed.Here are a few facts by region from the infographic: 25,000 B.C.E: The famous statuette VENUS OF WILENDORF depicts a […]

Counting Sheep Coffee Sweeping Across North American Groceries


A savvy Canadian entrepreneur has devised a delicious coffee, Counting Sheep Coffee, that is drinkable before bed, and safely promotes a deep sleep.  Monsters and Critics reviewed it a few months ago, and found the brew to be extremely effective in knocking you out for bed.  This coffee will get you in ready to fall asleep mode fast. Specifically the “Lights Out” version, the stronger of the two blends available.Counting Sheep Coffee was founded in Vancouver, B.C. in 2013 by entrepreneurs Adam Cooper – Sheep Product Officer, Deland Jessop – Sheep Executive Officer, Joseph Fernandes – Sheep Operations Officer, Kalpesh […]

Use This Not That: Freeze Glass! Brrrrr

Freeze Glass BBQ 2-1

Product spotlight: Freeze Glass; Your last sip will be colder than your first!Every once in a while an item comes along that makes me happy, genuinely happy.That item is the Freeze Glass… I am in love with the Freeze Glass. No, not in a creepy “objectophilia” kind of way, but in a “how did I ever live without this” kind of way. Freeze Glass is a hand blown, double walled borosilicate glass that contains a specially engineered, safe liquid within its walls. The liquid-filled glass acts as a drink chiller so you don’t need ice anymore. Let me explain…. If […]

Psoriasis And Skin Issues Addressed: Dead Sea Premier


I had a chance to test out a line of skin care products that I absolutely fell for.  Dead Sea Premier is what I like in my skin care line… not too froufrou, not too girly, not too esoteric. This line uses a high concentration of minerals, the salts, water, and mud from the Dead Sea … and it will leave your skin feeling fabulous.Premier Dead Sea has taken all the magic from the Dead Sea and the world’s best skin care scientists to bottle up the wisdom of nature and advances of technology in order to deliver harmonious and […]

The Big Butt Craze Continues To Rack Up Real Casualties, Expert Speaks Up


Butt shape and size is like that Clint Eastwood / Sergio Leone classic spaghetti Western film, “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”Great butt enhancement is done safely with a patient’s own fat, and with a proportional esthetic. Bad butt work can lead to death. The ugly? Well, make sure you steel yourself and have a look.The recent news that a Missouri man was extradited by sheriff deputies in Prince George’s County for fatal butt injections reveals that the illegal “back-alley” butt enhancement business is not going away anytime soon.Police who issued the warrant for Vinnie Taylor’s arrest say he […]

Hornitos Black Barrel’s Super Bowl Touchdown Spike, Recipe

Touchdown Spike

I was at a football game a few weeks ago and a very cute man sitting next to me gave me a nudge and offered me a nip of his tequila. Cute guy, cold night at a football game, tequila… how could I say no?? And while we celebrated the win with high-5s and hugs, I never got the guy’s name, albeit, his not-so-pretty first date was nearby. The important thing is that I did get the name of the delicious tequila I have never tasted before. Hornitos, Black Barrel.Sorry, but every time I hear the name Hornitos, I giggle […]

Margaret Cho’s Fashion Forward ‘Solitaire’ Kicks Girl Clutter To Curb


Monsters and Critics adores the witty and wickedly funny Margaret Cho, whose comedic flair carries the new TLC series “All About Sex” on Saturday nights, late of course. Cho hosts a no-holds-barred late night talk show with comic Heather McDonald (Chelsea Lately), actress Marissa Jaret Winokur (Melissa & Joey), and sex-pert Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry.  Margaret’s personality and humor bridges gay and straight audiences and connects us all with common interests.Now she branches into the fashion world with a badass, must-have piece for every fashionista’s wardrobe, especially the busy women who travel, head out to showcases or simply want clothing […]

American Plastic Surgeon Pioneers Stem Cell Cosmetic Procedures, Honored in Monte Carlo


Longtime Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Renato Calabria. M.D. has been awarded his profession’s highest honor, The Golden Scalpel Award, for his innovative techniques utilizing stem and regenerative cells in facial rejuvenation.The award was presented at a ceremony during the 3rd annual World Plastic Surgery Congress in Monte Carlo last month. Many of the world’s best known plastic surgeons were in attendance at the highly anticipated meeting, including Dos Santos from Monte Carlo, director of the scientific program, who presented the award to Dr. Calabria.Considered the father of the stem-cell facelift, Dr. Calabria, who also has practices in Rome and Milan, […]

Beverly Hills’ Skin Guru Adina’s Sage Advice For Skin Maintenance

Adina Diaz

Tucked away on one of Beverly Hills’ side streets, in one of the classic older buildings that house some of this city’s top medical specialists is Adina Diaz.She is tiny and cute and loves what she does… But, who is Adina Diaz? Probably the best skincare specialist you haven’t heard of but you need to know about. What I love about Adina’s office is that it doesn’t feel or smell like a generic spa, you know the ones that have piped in pan flute music or babbling brook sounds. And they all smell like some Nepalese spice sachet that makes […]

Review: Made in The USA Champion Juicer Is Versatile, Best In Category


Bottom Line: The Made in the USA Champion Juicer is a quiet powerhouse that will make 2015 a veggie-full year! A classic like the ubiquitous KitchenAid Stand Mixer, The Champion Juicer was invented in 1954. This American made beauty has been continually refined and enhanced to extract every bit of nutrition and flavor from fruits, vegetables and nuts. The Champion produces ‘living’ foods and juices. Living foods and juices retain the maximum nutrients and fiber so that you get the full benefits from fresh fruits and vegetables. Unlike centrifugal juicers (Breville), the Champion is high RPM masticating juicer designed to avoid […]

Four Popular Red Carpet Hair Looks, The Secret? Extensions!

Ariana Grande - New Approved

Beauty Spotlight: Four Popular Red Carpet Hair Looks, The Secret? Extensions!It’s that award show time of year, and already we have been seeing some wonderful hairstyles on the red carpet that we would love to rock. Monsters and Critics recently talked to Emanuel Millar – as this hair pioneer is considered to be the “Wig Surgeon” to the stars for his years of transforming many actresses’ appearances in iconic films and for private clients who suffer from aliments resulting in hair-loss that require additional high-end pieces or wigs.  For over thirty years he has helped clients such as Angelina Jolie, […]

Golden Globes 2015 Fashion Hacks, More Glam For Less


Last night’s Golden Globes produced some jaw droppers and show-stopping fashion moments.We love finding red carpet lookalikes that are both on-point and on-trend that cost a fraction of the designer gowns.Bucking the glam trend was “Girls” star Lena Dunham. In a nod to the #FreeTheNipple campaign her producer Jenni Konner posted a picture on Instagram before Dunham hit the red carpet, where she posed topless with pasties over her nipples. Not everyone was down with making a political statement.Whether you’re looking for a classic black gown like Amal Clooney’s red carpet frock, craving to achieve the shimmering style of stars […]

Rare Limited Edition: Burdick’s Chocolates Robert Burns Assortments Are Back!


Two magical things, fine artisanal chocolate (ethically sourced) AND fabulous scotch whisky, are back for the annual event from Burdick’s Chocolates. They are unbelievably delicious and rare as a striped unicorn, so don’t miss out.Meet your new foodie obsession for January: Our favorite American chocolatier Burdick’s Chocolates special Robert Burns Assortment and Basket, limited supply so strike while the iron is hot.Robert Burns is one of the most fascinating of Scotland’s notable citizens. His rural Scottish background was not easy, he suffered many hardship and disappointments. Author Hilton Brown noted in his 1949 book “There Was A Lad” and said of Burns:‘Small […]

Celebrate Hot Toddy Day On January 11, Recipes


National Hot Toddy Day is on Sunday, January 11, 2015! Watch the Golden Globes with a cup of good cheer.Following up our robust “Spirits of the Season 2014″ coverage, we would be remiss to forget to mention that January brings the worst cold blasts, and that when you feel a tickle in your throat, forget over-the-counter remedies.  We recommend a tasty classic Hot Toddy to knock that back.Hot liquids like homemade chicken soup, herbal teas and good old hot toddies act as an anti-inflammatory soothing nose and throat membranes, helping you breathe and feel better naturally by moving all that […]

Real McCoy: California Ski Oasis Mammoth More Than Meets The Eye


The story of California’s jewel of the Eastern Sierra mountain chain, Mammoth Lakes and the surrounding mountains, is one born of a vision by a pioneering Los Angeles hydrologist, Dave McCoy, who in the late 1930s was enough of an innovator to create a sporting destination and permanent home for many people who loved the outdoors, skiing and nature in an area with no viable road access. McCoy, now at age 99, is still going strong with his wife, Roma, of 73 years.  Only recently he has stopped skiing, a sport that helped to put his small town on the map […]

Happy New Year 2014! Cocktails From Hornitos’ Mixologist Christian Sanders

Noches Calientes

Our very last Spirits of the Season 2014 is here, and we couldn’t end it without imparting some specialty cocktails with Hornitos® Tequila and renowned mixologist, Christian Sanders, so you are armed and ready to be the best bartender this holiday season.They have a new varietal, Hornitos Black Barrel that has a whiskey finish, a different experience than the regular Hornitos silver tequila. You taste the oak, ginger spice and brandied cherries, a hint of chili and vanilla when the agave eventually opens up in the glass. Perfect tequila for colder weather and the holidays!Black Barrel is more like a […]

New Year’s Advice: Think, Feel And Act Younger Than Your Age

li ve

“As people age, they can develop a ‘shell’ or become shy about participating in things…..and learning to socialize and be a part of a group so helps remove that issue” – Dr. John VerheulHave you ever approached a birthday and said, “I just don’t FEEL XX years old…” This is happy news for you!See a pile of leaves and remember how much fun it was to jump in the middle, and then do it? Lick the beaters clean from cake batter still? Openly hate Kale and secretly love indulging in an occasional bowl of Cocoa Puffs or picking the marshmallow […]

Maximizing A Small Home, Top Los Angeles Architect Shares Five Clever Fixes

house front

Stewards of architectural preservation and masters of revamping and designing breathtaking living, educational and civic spaces, all while keeping the design intentions and “bones” of historical existing buildings intact, is noted architect Michael Rachlin and his team at Rachlin Partners.His stunning and simple designs tastefully incorporated within the footprints of notable architectural structures is unparalleled, preserving the intentions of the original design concept while not clashing with surrounding structures in the neighborhood.Founding partner of Rachlin Partners, Michael Rachlin is a dynamic force in both preserving and adding new blood to Los Angeles’s prolific architectural landscape. Rachlin’s practice centers on the […]

Top 5 Health and Beauty Trends To Watch For In 2015


In 2015, trends in health and beauty will continue to see dramatic changes that are redefining standards of beauty to how to address common health issues such as sleeplessness, back pain, cardiac disease and much more.Your next doctor visit may be with a hybrid concierge medicine physician who may be running exciting trials with some companies who are on the forefront of regenerative medicine.The future doctor-patient interface will be vastly different than your doctor simply prescribing the patient some medicine and following up.  Your doctor of tomorrow will be versed in cutting edge gene and cell therapies, requiring new, updated […]

Spirits of the Season 2014: Basil Hayden’s, Booker’s and Baker’s Bourbon


Spirits of the Season 2014 will bring you the hottest new recipes, spirits and wines from the coolest distilleries, vineyards, restaurants and bars from all across the globe!This is it, our last Spirits of the Season for 2014! We saved the beautiful craft bourbons for last.  All three bourbons are well priced at under $59 a bottle, and each offers a unique cocktail experience.  The Jim Beam Small Batch collection consists of Basil Hayden’s (80 Proof), Baker’s (107 Proof) , and Booker’s (127.7 Proof). Aged 7 years, it’s one of the 2 youngest of the four, but it packs a […]

The Balvenie’s 2014 Rare Craft Collection in Los Angeles, Tasty Pours and Lore


Spirit Spotlight: ‘Tis the season for single malt Valhalla: Yes, I’m referencing The Balvenie, my #1 personal favorite handcrafted Scotch that has varying degrees of awesomeness, depending on your wallet.Even their low-end baby is an exceptional flavor profile compared to most single malts out there, and their DoubleWood 17 year, while not their highest end offering, is my all-time favorite single malt Scotch, period.  Did you know that for Christmas gift giving, they package three (including my beloved 17 year) up in a lovely box? Oh Balvenie Malt Master David Stewart, you rock.Exhibit “A”: Last night I was fortunate to […]

Celebrity Brow Secrets From The Expert Insider


Thank “it-girl” Miss Cara Delevingne, actress Keira Knightley and older beauty icons like Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch, who still rock a pretty full brow for the look of full-bodied brows being popular and in demand. A fuller, groomed brow is an amazing frame to a pretty eye and makes the makeup look finished.The before and afters below illustrate this fact:Brow makeup and grooming are mainstays for a polished put-together look, and it’s a beauty trend that’s here to stay. So some girls can finally curb their plucking routine and breathe a sigh of relief. But what about the rest […]