LIVE: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Sultan Ibragimov: on HBO

On HBO: Live with Wladimir Klitschko vs. Sultan Ibragimov <P></P> <P>The record for Klitschko is 49-3 and Sultan Ibragimov 22-0-1. </P> <P>HBO presents the first heavyweight unification title fight since 1999 highlights a special evening of boxing-oriented programming when World Championship Boxing: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Sultan Ibragimov from New York’s Madison Square Garden. </P> <P>Other HBO playdate: Feb. 24 (9:30 AM)</P> <P>***image5:center***</P> <P>Wladimir Klitschko (49-3, 44 KOs), from Kiev, Ukraine, has been storming through the heavyweight ranks for the past two years. Now he faces fellow title-holder Sultan Ibragimov (22-0-1, 17 KOs) of Russia. </P> <P>Though Klitschko is a year younger than the 32-year-old Ibragimov, he has more than double the pro experience according to HBO’s Jim Lampley.</P> <P>***image3:right***</P> <P>Round One starts as slow, calculating as Ibragimov jabs and looks for openings. Klitschko is jabbing with his left as Ibragimov is close to the ropes. </P> <P>***image4:left***</P> <P>Even Round</P> <P>Round Two. Ibragimov goes to jab and Klitschko jabs with a long arm extended out, keeping Ibragimov far out of his hurt zone. Nice over hand right from Ibragimov, but he has to throw it from the outside. Klitschko keeps Ibgraminov from being in his "inside."</P> <P>10-9 Klitschko</P> <P>Round Three: Klitschko has his reach and his timing is getting better. <BR>Jabs sending Ibragimov backwards as Ibragimov fights back and lands Klitschko’s body. Klitschko answers back with a right that clocks Ibragimov.</P> <P>10-9 Klitschko</P> <P>Round Four: Dancing as Klitschko jabs and seems to be frustrating Ibragimov. Klitschko left jabs and stepping out of harms way but Klitschko is tiring down Ibragimov.</P> <P>***image6:right***</P> <P>10-9 Klitschko</P> <P>Round Five. Klitschko is landing jabs. Ibragimov can’t get in close enough to land anything and Ibragimov misses with a shot to the body and Klitschko hits him with a hard right. </P> <P>10-9 Klitschko</P> <P>Round 6 Klitschko’s reach and stance makes it difficult for Ibragimov to land anything effectively. Klitschko is looking for an opening,  Ibragimov lands an over hand right. His best punch. Still Klitschko hits him with poweful jabs.</P> <P>10-9 Klitschko.</P> <P>Round 7: Ibragimov is not effective. Klitschko is winning the fight with his reach, poweful left jabs.</P> <P>crowd is booing</P> <P>Round 8: This round Klitschko comes alive.  Ibragimov has stamina, what he doesn’t have is a way into Klitschko’s vulnerable zone to hit him effectively. Klitschko is hitting hard and jabbing effectively.</P> <P>10-9 Klitschko</P> <P>Round 9: Klitschko gets a knock down (not scored) Ibragimov tumbles in the ropes. Klitschko is looking confident strong and fast and working his game. Ibragimov is looking like he is out of steam.</P> <P>10-9 Klitschko</P> <P>Round 10: Klitschko is holding off any solid attacks by Ibragimov and jabs away with hard shots. The round is a calculated risk avoidance one for Klitschko..</P> <P>10-9 Klitschko.</P> <P>Round 11: Klitschko goes for a knock out… Ibragimov is looking to land a punch that will knock out Klitschko. Hamging tough is Ibragimov. Nothing happens of note.</P> <P>10-9 Klitschko.</P> <P>Round 12: Same action this round as this fight has Ibragimov give his all but could not puncture Klitschko studied defense. He played it smart and safe, and the fight was his.</P> <P>Emanuel Stewart is in Klitschko’s corner with his brother Vitaly. Klitschko scores 44% Jabs according to HBO’s Jim Lampley</P> <P><STRONG>Pride of the Ukraine and son of Kiev, Steelhammer Wladimir Klitschko wins the fight</STRONG></P><EMBED src= width=425 height=355 type=application/x-shockwave-flash wmode="transparent"></EMBED>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.

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