Lindsay Lohan’s New York Fashion Week mistaken identity

Lindsay Lohan in is New York City for fashion Week, and her presence is working the nerve of observers who noted the diminutive actress was mistaken for Donatella Versace.

The Fug Girls have been blogging the shows, and note that Lohan, a “creamsicle” with an entourage, had everyone talking for the recent Cynthis Rowley show.

They write: “For one glorious, confusing moment, we — and, we later learned, everyone in the rows around us — thought this walking creamsicle had to be Donatella Versace. Then, the entire room full of journalists sat ramrod straight and let out excited, disbelieving, four-letter expletives as we all realized this was actually Lindsay Freaking Lohan…The take-home here for Lindsay should be that we all initially mistook her for somebody much crispier who is thirty years her senior…”

Lohan has been busy partying during the solemn 9/11 week in New York and inking herself with Billy Joel lyrics while defending her sister Ali Lohan, now a model, whose recent photos have sparked a tabloid guessing game of what changes were allegedly made to her face.

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