Lindsay Lohan’s behaviors can land her back in jail

Actions speak louder than words.

And for troubled star Lindsay Lohan, her bad attitude and allegedly poor performance in community service is the ammunition needed for the judge overseeing her probation to send her back to jail.

TMZ reports that Lindsay Lohan could be sentenced to nearly a year-and-a-half in jail if Judge Stephanie Sautner decides she needs some re-education.

Lohan has so many infractions and legal strikes, TMZ claims Lohan’s 120 day suspended sentence for shoplifting, time served under house arrest, and her prior DUIs, will add up to real time in jail.

Wednesday this week, Lohan must go to court to work out these issues.

TMZ noted that Lindsay was a nine time no-show for her court-ordered community service in the Downtown Women’s Center.

TMZ first reported how Lindsay was booted from the Women’s Center and then reassigned to the American Red Cross.

Stay tuned, the Lohan saga continues…

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