Lindsay Lohan wants her career back, please

No more LaLa Land for Lindsay Lohan.

A new leaf has been turned, she has seen the light.

During a taping of MTV’s “Total Request Live,” Lohan claims she won’t be hitting the L.A. club scene any more.

The New York Daily News reports that since LiLo is out of rehab, she says she’s going to keep away from the L.A. club scene, and “ditch old pals who might drag her back into bad habits.”

“Going out all the time was very self-destructive,” the former party girl told In Touch magazine.

“The biggest thing is not being in L.A. and staying away from the nightlife,” the 21-year-old actress said. Portions of the interview were posted on the magazine’s Web site today.

The “Mean Girls” actress entered the Cirque Lodge rehab center in Utah back in August after being busted for drunken driving and cocaine possession. She left the facility on Friday, but may return for some outpatient treatment.

“I hit rock bottom,” she told OK! magazine. “Everything in my life came to a point where I had to make a decision.”

Lohan is set to begin filming “Dare to Love Me” in Los Angeles on Oct. 15, but after that she won’t be sticking around L.A.

“I plan on returning to Utah so I can stay focused and avoid other distractions,” she told OK!.

Those distractions are the fair-weather, hanger-on pals more interested in partying and spending her dough than in her well-being, she told In Touch.

“I have good people in my life now. I am surrounded by people that don’t use me and who love me for me,” she said. “The people who want to go out and party, that’s not what I’m about now.”

Her new circle includes a rehab romance, she confirmed to In Touch, although she was coy about the details.

“Yes, I’m seeing someone. His name is Riley. I am really happy and taking it day by day.”

Lohan said she’s going to concentrate on her acting career. Her last movie, “I Know Who Killed Me,” tanked at the box office.

“I’m here to stay,” she told OK!. “My talent is a gift and I’m going to use it.”

Michael Lohan, who’s had his own battles with substance abuse, told Us magazine he supports his daughter’s decision to leave Los Angeles.

“Everyone’s trying to get her back to L.A,” he said. “She said, ‘I don’t know if I want to go back there,’ and we all talked about it. I told her, ‘Then don’t – follow your heart.'”

“Lindsay’s so great. She’s her old self,” he added. “I’m really proud of her. She’s really turned her life around.”

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