Lindsay Lohan Playboy issue ‘breaks sale records’

The Lindsay Lohan Playboy issue has hit the newsstands and Hugh Hefner has tweeted that the magazine is ‘breaking sales records.’

There were concerns over sales of the Lohan issue after photos of the pictorial were leaked online ahead of the magazine’s release date.

According to TMZ, shops in cities such as New York and Los Angeles selling the Playboy magazine have ordered extra copies to keep up with the high demand.

TMZ also reported that there has been a massive increase of people subscribing to

When his editors first suggested using Lindsay Lohan in the magazine, Hugh Hefner told E! News “I kind of had mixed emotions about it initially, and then it turned into something bigger than life.”

The Playboy founder continued “I wasn’t quite sure where she was at in her life, obviously. It depends on whether it’s Tuesday or Thursday.”

Hefner was happy with the end product though saying “I think it was accomplished beyond anything I could have possibly imagined. People will not forget this pictorial.”

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