Lindsay Lohan is full of baloney

Remarkable healer and apparently convincing actress Lindsay Lohan was caught by the voracious TMZ video squad, running her way out of Century City Hospital, the day after her big “appendectomy” operation.

Less than a day after surgeons removed her appendix, Lindsay Lohan was already yelling and running around on her way out of the hospital. Reports TMZ. 

Perez Hilton was true to form: “Sources say that 20+ friends were shuffling in and out of Lohan’s apartment in L.A. on Wednesday evening, the night before she went to visit the doctor.

“Lohan called in sick with the flu to the set of her new film, “I Know Who Killed Me” aka the stripper movie, which will halt production until she’s recovered.

Her visitors ‘were not there to bring her chicken soup,’ an unamed Hilton source said.”

“Another unnamed Hilton source confirms that Lohan was continuing the “constant party she started on New Year’s.”

TMZ also nabbed video of Lohan exiting Century Park Hospital in Los Angeles, Lohan was startled by the waiting paparazzi, screamed for a man name “Michael,” and her black Mercedes “whisked away the surgically repaired star.”


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