Lindsay Lohan hit-and-run lawsuit

Lindsay Lohan is scheduled to complete her probation at the end of March but the Mean Girls star may be back in court after reports that a hit-and-run lawsuit was filed against the actress.

The woman claims Lohan hit her while she was driving through West Hollywood, approximately 17 months ago, E! News reports.

The plaintiff, Nubia Del Carmen Plaza, accuses Lohan of running into her while she was crossing the road at the intersection of Alta Loma Road and Holloway Drive in WeHo, according to the lawsuit obtained by E! News.

Lohan was said to be driving a rented Maserati at the time of the alleged incident. Black & White car rental has been named as a defendant in the case and a case management conference is being arranged for May 14th at 8.30am.

Rep Steven Honig told E! News “To the best of my knowledge, neither Lindsay nor her attorneys have been served with a lawsuit, so we really can’t comment on something that hasn’t been served through the proper channels.”

“People like to do this, give lawsuits to the media before they serve it to Lindsay,” Honig explained.

Lohan is scheduled to return to court on the 22nd February for a probation progress report relating to a theft charge.

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