Lindsay Lohan: Hillbilly heroin, horrible friends, loquacious parents

Lindsay Lohan’s jailbird dad claims she is addicted to OxyContin, a drug with the nickname “Hillbilly Heroin.”   Michael Lohan implicates Lindsay’s mom, Dina, in her role as an enabler, saying Lindsay and Dina need to find God and get straight.  

Website Celebrity Babylon revealed Lindsay’s “best pal” lesbian friend Samantha Ronson may not be a real friend after all.

Perez Hilton too, writes “Lohan’s group of paid pals and hangers-on have been toxic to the hard-pAArtying star, most notably rumored lesbian lover and DJ Samantha Ronson.”

Hilton writes that Lindsay and Samantha allegedly had a row before her DUI arrest, with Lohan – screaming at Ronson in the middle of the street, “You f*cking lesbian bitch!”

Ronson allegedly has been “selling out” Lohan whereabouts and photo opportunities to the paparazzi, including the infamous “passed out” photos of Lohan.

Celebrity Babylon writes that DJ pal Samantha Ronson, 29, “looks like she’s there to help her pal through thick and thin, she’s really making a tidy profit on the side, shilling Lohan, 20, out to photographers eager to get her photo looking passed out and wasted.”.

Lindsay Lohan has checked into Promises rehab in Malibu, and reports, though unsubstantiated, are circulating that she is slipping in and out of the facilty.

Wearing dark red-framed glasses, skinny black jeans and zip-up jacket, the 20-year-old Lohan was photographed wandering around the centre on her own by tenacious paparazzi.

Michael Lohan has made several claims to the media that Lohan suffers a number of addictions including alcohol and the painkiller OxyContin.

Michael, who recently served jail time for assault and driving while intoxicated, told E! Online: “I spoke to the people treating Lindsay, because I wanted to make sure she was getting the right care. And I’m satisfied they are doing the right thing for her, helping her detox from the painkillers and things. That’s a very important step.”

Lindsay faces weeks, potentially months, of treatment at the clinic – it is the same place that Britney Spears checked into earlier this year.

One friend told People magazine: “We’re all happy that she is where she is. Everyone’s just been waiting [for something tragic to happen]. All of us thought there would be something soon.”

This is Lohan’s second time around in rehab.  in January she was treated in Hollywood’s Wonderland Center for a short spell.

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