Lindsay Lohan coming back in a big Hollywood way

Lindsay Lohan is preparing to enter the real world once again.

Lohan’s rehab stay (unconfirmed reports say she sobered up at Cliffside Malibu) is reportedly up on Wednesday, the end of the month. However TMZ reports she wil stay a few days longer.

TMZ reports she wants to take a few days to transition back into the real world, as her new movie, Paul Schrader-directed indie film The Canyons, opens on Friday (on iTunes and video on demand).

The movie, written by “Less Than Zero” author Bret Easton Ellis, stars Lohan and porn veteran James Deen as lovers who film their coupling with men and couples.

At a Lincoln Center screening this week, Schrader said, “Lindsay has moved out of her ingénue phase.”

E! announced Monday that Lohan will fill in for Chelsea Handler as a guest host on Chelsea Lately on Monday, Aug. 5.

Lohan also got her OWN interview with Oprah Winfrey set to tape and air on Aug. 18, along with her docu-series with cameras following her re-entry back into Hollywood.

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