Lil Wayne Not In Love With The Coco VIDEO


Lil Wayne is no fan of the “Coco.” There he is above in a screen grab of the video below storming off the stage after his DJ did an oopsie.

For those of you out there confused by what I am saying, there is a hit song in the clubs that is essentially a celebration of dealing and doing cocaine down in Miami – have a gander, and know that the lyrics “I got bakin’ soda I got bakin’ soda” “I got it for da Lowlow” and “36 that’s a kilo” will be forever etched in your brain today:

Here are the full lyrics courtesy of

CoCo Lyrics by O.T. Genasis
I’m in love with the coco
I’m in love with the coco
I got it for the low, low
I’m in love with the coco

[Verse 1]
Hit my plug, that’s my cholo (mi amigo)
Cause he got it for the low, low
If you snitchin’ I go loco  (cuckoo)
Hit you with that treinta ocho (.38)
Niggas thinkin’ that I’m solo
Fifty deep, they like, “oh, no”
Heard the feds takin’ photos
I know nothin’, fuck the popo (police)

Bakin’ soda, I got bakin’ soda
Bakin’ soda, I got bakin’ soda
Whip it through the glass, nigga
I’m blowin’ money fast, nigga

[Hook x2]

[Verse 2]
Thirty six, that’s a kilo
Need a brick, miss my free throw
I’m in love, just like Ne-Yo
Bustin’ shots, now he Neo (Matrix)
Free my homies, fuck the C.O (puto)
Fuck the judge, fuck my P.O (puto) (I have no idea what this means)
All this coke, like I’m Nino (don’t know who he is)
Water whip, like I’m Nemo

Hopefully O.T. Genasis won’t get caught with his Lowlow Coco because then he’ll know the joys of prison life, like random shankings, getting it in the pants and the great food, just like his “pal” Lil Wayne of the rotten teeth fame.

Our Wayne had a weird week. Now reports are he had a behavior (read: snit) on stage as his DJ spun the Coco ditty and the crowd went loco, but it was the wrong version. Wayne apparently is NOT in love with the coco by O.T. Genasis and TMZ reports (they are like the tabloid IRS, they find you) Wayne subsequently went berserk on stage at a college concert Thursday night, threw the mic and stormed off stage.

The setting was Nova Southeastern University where Wayne reportedly was into his set when his now fired (we assume) DJ accidentally played the original O.T. Genasis track. Wayne has a remix of that song on his mixtape in which he purportedly says unkind things about Cash Money. In the video you see his reaction.

Earlier this week there was a reported shooting at Lil Wayne’s Miami home which was a “huge hoax,” according to Miami Local 10. “They’ve gone through the house…the all clear has, in fact, been given,” the Florida news station says.