Light Dragons – Book Review

Military historians will welcome this updated version of Allan Mallison’s classic work tracing the history of a British army regiment.  Formed in December 1992, the history of the Light Dragoons goes back much further to the days of the Jacobite rebellion in the eighteenth century. 

The name was lost for many years as regiments were amalgamated under the names of the Hussars. Now it has reappeared and involves the Light Dragoons in many new battles.

Mallison traces the history of the regiment from those early days, showing the different strategies, battles and activities in which it was involved.  There has been no major campaign over the past 270years in which soldiers of the regiments which make up the Light Dragoons have not been involved. 

The new sections of the book tell of the story of the Dragoons involvement in the wars in Bosnia and Iraq, creating a picture of what life is like today for this British armored reconnaissance regiment.

Well written, very detailed, this is a book that will be enjoyed by historians and soldiers for many years to come.

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