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Holiday 2013 Finds: Brainiac kids need Recent Toys puzzles and games

By Karen V. Stevens Dec 19, 2013, 11:36 GMT

Holiday 2013 Finds: Brainiac kids need Recent Toys puzzles and games

Holiday 2013 Finds: Brainiac kids need Recent Toys puzzles and games

In a quandary about what to give the brainiac in your family?

Why not stuff their stocking with mind blowing puzzles by Recent Toys

They have a series of “cubes” that will keep your kids, or that child like-adult you are married to, riveted and out of your hair for hours.  And isn’t that what Christmas is really about?

You can choose from:

Gear Shift is deceptively difficult. The rotation of the eight interlocking gears is a seemingly simple operation. However, once you discover that the core can be pulled apart, the difficulty skyrockets; as this function changes the shape of the puzzle by allowing each gear to move independently. $24.99

Gear Cube requires twelve 90 degree turns to complete one full rotation, using a full gear mechanism. It’s simply brilliant. $24.99

Skewb combines the classic game play of a twist puzzle with 12 colors, 12 faces and an irregular shape to create a unique puzzling challenge. Each turn creates a new color combination which will either bring you closer to a solution or scramble the puzzle up even more. $19.99

Pyraminx is a worldwide best seller. This puzzle will engage your imagination and brain with its fascinating look and puzzling challenges. $19.99

I love the company, Recent Toys, because they specialize in producing innovative, mentally stimulating, cutting-edge brainteasers. And even though it is a complete brain work out, Recent Toys strives to ensure that their puzzles are simple to understand, yet thought-provoking in their solutions.

I recommend any of the toy teasers for those who are trying to expand their brains or hold on to what little is left up there!

Remember when you first discovered Tetris in the late 80s?  Well, this is like Tetris on steroids but without the computer. While all of their puzzles are characterized by high-quality, edgy designs, and clever game play, each puzzle is unique in concept and offers an entirely new challenge.


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