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Holiday 2013 Finds: Pluggz makes easy to wear fashionable shoes

By Stephanie Fleitz Dec 11, 2013, 3:20 GMT

Holiday 2013 Finds: Pluggz makes easy to wear fashionable shoes

Holiday 2013 Finds: Pluggz makes easy to wear fashionable shoes

The holidays are typically bittersweet to me. Yes, it is nice to spend time with family that you don’t see very often and have a couple days off work. But, maybe there is a reason you only see your family a couple times a year? Plus, the days at work leading up to time off has the potential to be a stressful scramble.

I spent three years working in retail. While I had a great time, holiday was by far my least favorite season. I didn’t particularly mind all of the people (more customers typically meant a faster shift), but I never liked the added stress coming from seemingly all directions.

My boss was always on us about making our sales goals (understandable). My parents were asking me to take days off two days in advance (can’t do that—I needed three weeks notice at this job) and always wanted me to come over after my shift because my entire family was in town (when I’m only given 8 hours between shifts, I need so use some of those hours for sleep and hygiene). Plus, customers always seemed to blame us for selling out of their favorite products three days before Christmas (order online or come in the store sooner, don’t yell at us). Needless to say, by the time the holidays were over, I felt tired, agitated, and just overall off-balance.


As I was gearing up for the stress of another holidays season—at least this one is sans-retail—I can’t help but think that I wish someone had told me about Pluggz sooner. What are Pluggz, you ask? They are these wonderful shoes that contain soft black plugs made from a custom-formulated carbon and rubber compound that sit under the weight bearing part of your feet. This little plug makes you feel grounded.


When you go barefoot, you connect with the energy coming from the earth, making you feel balanced, calmer, and less-achy. Pluggz mimics this effect by reconnecting you with the earth’s energy without having to spend part of your day barefoot. The little plug in the shoe is designed to conduct the flow of the earth’s electrons into your body every time you take a step—regardless of the terrain.


When I first tried the Pewter Metallic Ballet Flats, I was instantly hooked. Arches and heels are padded with memory foam for added comfort (LOVE arch support) and the moisture wicking anti-microbial lining keeps your feet happy and sweat free all day. But beyond how my feet felt, I just physically felt better. My fiancé even commented that I seemed to be less irritated that I had been lately (read: I wasn’t getting stressed out nearly half as easily as a I had been). Needless to say, I wish someone had told me about these sooner. I probably would have spent less time dreading holiday and resenting everyone who spoke to me and instead spent more time enjoying being with family for a few days.

Pluggz don’t just come in ballet flats either, they come in flip-flops (hello stress-free summer!), super stylish loafers (my roommate is dying for a pair), and in styles for men, too. If you are looking for the perfect gift, look no further. A stress-free lifestyle is the best gift you can give. For $129 a pair, they are more than worth it. A portion of their proceeds even go towards supporting organizations dedicated to improving the health and wellness for people of all ages. Look good, feel good, do good 

Check them out for yourself:


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