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Holiday 2013 Finds: Fill your stockings with Maui Jim Sunglasses

By Karen V. Stevens Dec 9, 2013, 7:05 GMT

Holiday 2013 Finds: Fill your stockings with Maui Jim Sunglasses

If your Christmas is so bright you have to wear shades, then I strongly suggest you cover up with Maui Jimís.

If your Christmas is so bright you have to wear shades, then I strongly suggest you cover up with Maui Jim’s.

Weather you are a man or a woman, a twenty something or an octogenarian, the right sunglasses can dress up any outfit. You can make it chic or sexy or cute and casual. It’s amazing the power a pair of sunglasses has over a person’s wardrobe.

Everyone should have an arsenal of sunglasses at their disposal. And, I’m not talking the cheapy, crappy ones that cost $5.00 at the mall kiosk. Those glasses scratch easily and more importantly, can damage your eyes because there is no protection against the sun. I’m being very serious here. Cheapy sunglasses are great for keeping your hair back or taking up room in your purse!!

To get the right amount of pizzazz AND protection, Maui Jim is has designed some amazing retro styles that hint of yesteryear but are 100% now… plus they have all the new tech you want with your sunglasses.

All Maui Jim sunglasses use patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology to cut 99.9 % of glare and block 100% of harmful UV rays from above, below and behind each lens. A distinguishing feature of Maui Jim lenses is the rich and vibrant colors that you see. This is the result of using three rare earth elements and other treatments to white-balance Maui Jim’s lenses, so the colors you see are pure and true. Just think about it, your view is clearer, with crisper contrast and amazing brilliance. It’s like watching the world thru HD TV lenses.

The lenses in all of the new styles are protected with waterproof and oleophobic coatings to shed water and snow and to repel grease and smudges. All Maui Jim lenses are covered by the company’s standard warranty.

Here are a couple of great gift ideas for the ones you love:





When I think of ultra cool sunglasses, I think of the fabulous European stars of the 60s and 70s who would be lying out on the yacht near a private island in the Mediterranian slathering on their Bain de Soleil and hiding behind very chic and large sunglasses. I think Sophia Loren. I think Maile!

Not only is this an amazing style that makes anyone look up-market but they also come with MauiGradient which features a darker coating at the top that gradually gets lighter moving down the lens. So an appropriate amount of light is allowed to filter through certain areas, while less in places where protection is paramount.





Sometimes when you want to be a little ‘80s and a little ‘90s you don’t have to whip out those old hackneyed Vaurnets, instead, you can be hip and cool with the Kanani. They are a little weightier and thicker than most sunglasses on the market today, but that makes them solid and study and great for windy days. Plus they look totally gnarly when you’re jumping around the ski-lodge dancing to Oingo Boingo!





For something a little less retro and a little more chic the Nalani’s are right up your alley. They come in 4 color combinations but I really dig them in Tortoise. Every woman should have a pair of tortoise frames at their disposal, they go with everything and you will always look very expensive.

Pure Air Bamboo Forest:




These sunglasses are probably some of the most comfortable sunglasses I’ve ever worn. And just like the name, it feels like you are wearing Pure Air. Incredibly light weight yet still very sturdy. A skier’s must have.

The Bamboo Forest glasses are ultra-thin and lightweight for superior, long-wearing comfort and flexibility while maintaining frame strength and integrity They have 5 colored lenses to choose from, I picked the Maui HT™ since it works best in darker days of winter. “High-Transmission for times when most lenses would be too dark — sharper contrast and more vibrant color for early morning, late afternoon and foggy days. Heightens contrast and depth of field so that low light is perceived with new vibrancy.”

These look great on both men and women.





If you are looking for something a little more athletic in your sunglass design then check out the Maui Jim Switchbacks. They have a wrap-around frame lightweight frame with full shield coverage for excellent protection against the sun's harmful rays while in the ocean or on a mountain. Plus, these sunglasses have the unique ability to switch lenses at the touch of a button.

By far my most favorite sunglasses for any season and since we are nearing Christmas and it is the season of giving, why not put Maui Jim’s in your favorite people’s stockings?


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