The Traditional Hookah gets safer update with Blow

The news is full of stories about the pros and cons of e-cigs, but did you know Blow Hookah, a new brand of electronic hookah that gives you all the sweet flavor of traditional hookah without having to inhale a ton of smoke, is an alternative to the regular hookah?

Blow says that ‘in a typical hookah smoking session, you inhale up to 180 times more smoke than you would in a single cigarette." That doesn;t sound very good to me. While Blow Hookah dispenses with the traditional smoke, the traditional smoking hose is preserved. So smokers get a psychological win there.

They have 11 flavors available, including acai berry, double apple, mocha coffee, and piña colada. The entire health-friendly Blow electronic hookah set will run you close to $800, with replacement bottles of e-liquid selling for $10 each.

I have never used a hookah for fear of getting someone else's spit on me or upper lip wrinkles from sucking on a pipe, and I am not a smoker. But if I were, this would be the safer bet.

This electronic vapor system will give you the hookah lounge experience, without pumping you and your guests full of toxins and tar.  It has an LED at the top for ambiance.

If you’re wanting replacement tanks, they’re $10 a piece, so expect to chuck in an extra $100 once all is said and done.

Available for purchase on BlowHookah.

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