Spirits of the Season 2013: Festive Fῡchen reinvents a spirit category

Spirits of the Season 2013 will bring you the hottest new recipes, spirits and wines from the coolest distilleries, vineyards, restaurants and bars from all across the globe!

Sounding very Euro but hailing from Colorado is a liqueur category upstart: Fῡchen is vivid and distinct, unlike anything you have ever tried.

An artisan’s crafted potion made in small batches, Fῡchen is a smooth, rich, clever, complex, premium liqueur offered in a 750 ml eye-grabbing red glass bottle. Distillery Red Tail Spirits was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with production facilities in Colorado and Michigan. The Company's founders are Peter Wilson and David Hults.

According to Red Tail Spirits, the name originated from the German word "Fuchs", simply translated, means "Fox". "A name that honors the tradition and flying skills of the Red Baron (aka: The Sky Fox)."

It is not easy to describe Fῡchen, as notes of herbs and vanilla, plus cinnamon dominate this European-inspired but made-in-America herbal liqueur.

Fῡchen has a growing list of accolades in addition to its recent International Spirits Competition win that include best herbal liqueur in its category at the 2012 MicroLiquor Awards; and gold for best spirit overall, best in division and best in category at the 2011 Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition. Fῡchen also just won a silver medal at New York’s International Spirits Competition, among more than 20 other brands in its category. Fῡchen also debuted at this year’s Pre-Emmy Party in West Hollywood, where the outfits, the who’s who and the gifting suites didn't disappoint.

The drink was a big hit with actors Patrick Kilpatrick of Last Man Standing fame and Michael Madsen, most notably recognized for his role as the sadistic killer Mr. Blonde in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs. Michael Madsen said of Fῡchen: “This is really great!” While Kilpatrick extoled its more healthy side with, “I love this, and it’s herbal!”

In addition to Kilpatrick and Madsen, Fῡchen landed in the hands of many other famous actors that same night including: Cas Anvar, who most recently played Dodi Fayed, Princess Diana’s love in the newly released movie “Princess of Wales,” and J. Michael Trautmann, rapper and actor on Iggy Milkovich on Showtime’s hit series, Shameless. Anvar echoed Madsen in saying, “this is really great!” While Trautmann said: “Wow! This is very good! Where can we get this at?”

“Since its debut at the Emmy’s I am still pinching myself after exchanging tweets with Madsen and Kilpatrick,” said Fῡchen creator David Hults. “They are the epitome of a Fuchen drinker – edgy, tough and hip. And even better, this all comes on the heels of being featured at the Grammys earlier this year. This is just a dream for me – how Fuchen awesome!”

Fῡchen is no Jägermeister liqueur.  The flavor is truly a sophisticated mingling of vanilla, cinnamon, and various aromatics that hold true to its classic German heritage, the recipe is a blend of select secret ingredients to yield a bold, yet smooth taste without the harsh bitters and lingering heavy after taste like Jager.

The Fῡchen bottle is sexy. It’s deep red color makes gives a garnet-glow and a crimson blood look instead of a brownish herbal liqueur inside.

The name, of course, also has a tongue in cheek play on the curse work “f*ck” and their marketing team makes hay with this fact. We love the Sid & Nancy cocktail too.

Note: Fῡchen offers an iphone app that helps you calculate your blood alcohol level as well as find a cab, in addition to giving recipes.

Fῡchen Signature Recipes

2 oz. Fuchen
1 oz. Tuaca
Serve as a shot or on the rocks

Fῡchen till Dawn:

2 oz. Fuchen
3 oz. Pineapple Juice
1 oz. Grenadine

Sid and Nancy: (Fῡchen and Coke... it's what they did)

2 oz. Fuchen
2 oz. Coke


2 oz. Fῡchen
1 oz. Vodka
4 oz. Cranberry Juice

German Cafe:

2 oz. Fῡchen
4 oz. Hot or Ice Coffee
1 oz. Baileys or Starbucks Cream Liqueurs
*Garnish with whipped cream, chocolate powder and cinnamon sugar

Fῡchen Martini (say it with attitude)

2 oz. Fuchen
1oz. Vodka
1/2 oz. Creme De Cacao (serve in martini glass or on the rocks)
*Garnish with chocolate syrup and/or chocolate shavings

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