Holiday 2013 Finds: Gold Rush Panning Kits, Inspired by Discovery's 'Gold Rush'

We love Discovery's "Gold Rush" - a series that makes you want to strike out on your own and pan for gold in streams and hidden coves. The thrill of finding that hefty nugget has to be a real kick and it's understandable why people chucked in their miserable factory jobs back East in the Gold Rush days to head West and try their luck.

Now you can actually gift that feeling, guaranteed. The Gold Rush Panning Kit, based on Discovery's hit show, makes a terrific Christmas gift and a great activity everyone can get involved in during holiday downtime.

With Pay Dirt Gold Company’s new Gold Rush Panning Kit, inspired by the #1 Friday night Discovery Channel Series, "Gold Rush," Discovery Communications and Pay Dirt Gold Company introduce the best way to extend this experience as they attempt to strike it rich right at home.

Families nationwide can enjoy the interactive and educational activity of gold panning using tools similar to those seen on the series. With this new kit you experience the same thrill and suspense of never knowing when you'll hit gold like true “forty-niners.”


Interestingly the concept for Pay Dirt Gold Company was created out of a white elephant Christmas party. Scott (Founder and CEO), a huge fan of the series, "Gold Rush," was at his in-laws for their family's Christmas party.

Scott's father-in-law brought out this old, tarnished sealed tuna fish looking can... around the can was a yellow label that read "Pan Alaska Gold Concentrate; Guaranteed to Contain Gold." At that moment, Pay Dirt Gold was born!

Each Gold Rush Panning kit and refill contains varying amounts of real gold, making the experience different with each new panning attempt. Families can also enjoy the panning tools for continued outdoor exploration and backyard panning.

Included are a professional gold pan, a snuffer bottle for retrieving gold from the dirt, a classic vile to store the gold and a certificate of authenticity.

The comprehensive kit is available for pre-order now at and for $39.99.


To extend the experience and attempt to uncover even more gold, users can purchase additional pay dirt online.

“We’re excited to partner with Discovery Communications to develop a unique and entertaining new product unlike anything else in the market,” said Scott Brownsberger, President of Pay Dirt Gold Company. “We believe a panning kit using similar tools seen on GOLD RUSH will resonate with kids and adults alike, providing fun the whole family can enjoy this holiday season.”

“On GOLD RUSH, the miners never know the volume of gold they will uncover during a given dig and we want to replicate that suspense and thrill through the Gold Rush Panning Kit,” said Elizabeth Bakacs, Vice President of Discovery Channel Licensing. “Pay Dirt Gold Company is the perfect partner to bring that authentic panning experience into households withthis fully equipped kit and refillable dirt for an endless quest forgold.”

In "Gold Rush," crew leaders Todd Hoffman, Parker Schnabel and “Dakota” Fred Hurt risk everything to search for the ultimate payday. Currently in season four and #1 on cable Friday nights for both men and women, new episodes air Fridays at 9 p.m. on Discovery.


Gold has always been a staple of American culture from the first discovery of gold at the Reed Farm in North Carolina to the western expansion in search of gold.

The company guarantees that every bag of Pay Dirt we package has authentic REAL gold inside.

A great unusual gift for children to parents and grandparents, one of our top gift picks for 2013!


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