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Cooking 101: VinEdge makes that wine a keeper

By Karen V. Stevens Dec 11, 2013, 2:23 GMT

Cooking 101: VinEdge makes that wine a keeper

Cooking 101: VinEdge makes that wine a keeper

The other night was date night with my “friend”…  we’ve known each other  for more years than we can count and we always have an excellent time together replete with good food, lots of laughs, some wicked stuff (hubba hubba) and 9 times out of 10 our night includes a good bottle of wine.

Our wine palettes are very similar: it must be red, it can’t be too fruity or too sharp and we both like it colder than room temperature…  and I like when it has a neat label!  My friend is not shy about his wine, he has sent back bottles without batting an eye because he knows what’s what.  (Is it wrong for me to think that is totally macho and sexy??)

So, back to our date night.  It was bitter cold outside (for us Los Angelenos, that means it was hovering around 50 degreees), the college championship football games were on, we were going to order overpriced Mozza pizza and $12 olives for dinner (by the way… YUM) and he had a bottle of the fancy red stuff open, breathing and waiting for me.  Yes, it was the perfect night! 

The opened bottle of Cabernet was unfortunately not perfect for him yet.  Basically it needed a lot of breathing room and we wanted to enjoy a glass without waiting another half hour.

He opened a second one that was a little too sharp for both of us so he opened a third bottle which was perfect for him.  It was very Goldilocks and the Three Bears if Goldilocks was a 50 year-old man who works in finance, lives in a West Hollywood penthouse and always roots for the Raiders…  and the Bears were pricey red wines.

So imagine this… now we had three opened bottles of Cab and only two adults in the room.  Sure we could have partaken in all that delicious grape-goodness but we were out to have a good time, not to get a college drunk fest going.

There they were, lined up on the counter looking like beauty queens ready to be crowned.  It was kind of heartbreaking to think that most of it would end up down the kitchen sink.

Did you know that scenes like that can be avoided?  I just found something that would have been perfect for a date night with one man and three opened bottles…. The VinEdge.


It is a wine preserver that would have saved those innocent opened bottles from being trashed.  The VinEdge is what the experts use to reduce the oxidation process and allows the open bottle of wine to stay fresher, longer.

It’s a great gadget for the oenophile (that’s pretentious for wine freak) for who wants to enjoy a good glass at home without having to either drink the entire bottle or ruin the rest of it.    And at only $29.95 it will make a great stocking stuffer.

It is very easy to use, uncork your wine, open and attach the VinSert package that makes the bottle air-tight, insert, cork and pour.  I will add the last step, enjoy with a good friend.    Important to know that there is no leaching and it will not change or alter the taste of your wine.

So, what I learned from the other night… Had we had the VinEdge, we could have saved those opened bottles for another night.  Now he will just have to open one more for the next time.



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